why memoirs of aly (the way i see it).

The term memoir is derived from the French word mémoire, which means memory, or reminiscence.

As a teenager, I found comfort in writing. I didn’t keep journals; instead I wrote down the whole story; a detailed account of how things happened. Sometimes I would write, when I was hurting, just to offload… it worked; each time I put my emotions into writing, I felt an inexplicable sense of calm wash over me. I found writing therapeutic… and I kept my stories close to my chest; those were my emotions, my thoughts…

After writing a good number of stories, I wondered what would happen to them; if they would just go to waste. I decided I would publish them someday; but then, I didn’t think that dream would ever materialize-that it would be possible to give people an insight into my life… until I read a book by Whoopi Goldberg. I was eighteen at the time. The particular book helped me realize that my stories wouldn’t just end up on a shelf, unread.

I enjoyed (still do) writing about me; my life. If I was to write about anything, it would have to be something I’ve gone through- my experiences… or telling other people’s experiences, based on my perspective; the way I see it; letting people see the world (different happenings) through my eyes.

I chose to write my memoirs, because like a good majority, I feel I have been through so much- both good and bad alike, and I felt that by sharing my experiences I could connect with others who have experienced the same…and to enlighten those who haven’t travelled the road I have, because when all is said and done, it remains evidently clear that life is too short to experience everything.

If I can use my experiences-most of them painful- to help someone else, then that will at least make them happy memories. It makes me see the good in my suffering; it wasn’t all for naught.

I have read other people’s memoirs, and I get the impression that even though I feel I have been through a lot, there are others, whose experiences are simply out of this world. Nonetheless, this realization helped me understand that I don’t need to be living an extra-ordinary life to have something important to say…

My memories are my identity.



9 thoughts on “why memoirs of aly (the way i see it).

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  3. live2laugh4love

    Thank you for telling about this in your about. I have always been so uncomfortable to write about me. Uncomfortable that there is not enough room for my thoughts or feelings. You just inspired me to make room for me in my blog. Thank you! 😀

    1. alygeorges Post author

      You don’t know how encouraged I am by your words. It’s really not an easy thing sharing personal experiences with the rest of the world; it’s only that through writing, I hope to use my experiences to help others. That’s what inspires me.
      Making some room for yourself in your blog is an amazing idea. Writing about a past experience helps one put things into perspective, because some forgotten things come back in the process and one understands how/why some things happened and thereby getting closure. It is really therapeutic. 🙂

      1. live2laugh4love

        I agree completely. I have done theraputic journaling and journaling all my life. I never thought to open up and put that part of me in my blog. I am glad I did tell you how inspiring you are. It does help. Thank you for the encouragement. 😀

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