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I was just going through yesterday’s paper; my schedule was so tight I didn’t have time to read it, and since I like keeping myself updated on current matters, I had to make time today to read it. While reading it my small sis starts playing one of my favourite songs- fight the bad feeling- which is a Korean ballad.

The song is sang in Korean…I don’t understand the words, but when I first heard it almost three years ago, I googled the song’s translation. It’s a sad song. I don’t listen to it a lot, because it makes me melancholic; it takes me back to that painful moment when I broke up with a guy I thought I loved. At the time I would listen to the song, which-as the name suggests- is a nostalgic song, and at times I’d find myself sobbing into my pillow at night.

Regardless of it being a sad song, I related to it…it gave me the strength to overcome the misery that the breakup had inflicted on me. So now everytime I listen to it, the memories come flooding back.

When listening to that song a while ago, I remembered an article I read last Sunday, about Zahara, a South African songbird, who does her songs in Xhosa-her native language. She was giving her experience, how she broke down when performing live in front of an audience, who sang along to her songs even though they didn’t understand her language.

I don’t understand Xhosa either, but I love her songs; they are immensely soulful…

She said with songs, it’s not about the language; it’s about how one’s songs connect with people.

Music is a universal language. With songs, one doesn’t have to understand the words… or be conversant with the singer’s language. Personally, some of my favourite songs are sung in foreign languages, notably Spanish and Korean.

The good thing with the Spanish songs is that I have the basics on Spanish, but with Korean, I haven’t the slightest idea on the basics; I can’t tell A from B; that doesn’t deter me from listening to those songs nonetheless…

My favourite Korean genre is K-pop ballads…  One can feel the emotions in them; they’re almost tangible.

Then there are Spanish songs; sometimes I don’t understand the meaning, but I still love the songs to bits.

Lately I realized I’m falling in love with songs done in Rwandese… I love how the evident R’s roll out… it’s undoubtedly a beautiful language…