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Memoirs of aly (the way I see it) turns one

I year blog's anniversary 2

Last year on a day like today, this site -memoirs of aly (the way I see it) -was born. Before I started this site I had contemplated it for a while, but somehow I was always finding excuses not to. On eighth May last year, deciding that would be the day I would start blogging, I just got on wordpress and signed in. It wasn’t easy finding my way round this vast blogosphere but one year down the line, I feel I’m getting on fine.

I would love to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to all those who find time to stop by. With so many blogs on wordpress alone, I feel honoured that one would spare their time to read my ramblings. THANK YOU again. I acknowledge the fact that a writer becomes relevant because of his/her readers. So what I’m grateful for today-my achievement- is thanks to you; I wouldn’t have the psych to keep on writing if I didn’t have you to read.

I year blog's anniversary

What some of you might not know is that I’ve always loved to write. I’ve always found comfort in writing. Growing up I was somewhat introverted, and I found writing a good way to vent. When I was so happy I would write it all down, just so I wouldn’t forget the beautiful feelings. That’s the beauty of writing; when one reads an article/book/journal entry…the words carry someone to that particular time and if one expresses themselves right, the reader will get the same attitude/mood the writer was in.

This past Sunday in church, the priest said to the congregation, “If you make time for God, He will make time for you. And at His own appointed time, He will act.” He continued, “Those things you’re enjoying today, did you pray for them yesterday?”

While I was reflecting on that, I thought about this blog. Long before I ever thought of starting a blog, I tried to get a writing job. During my search I saw this ad on a newspaper. They needed a contributor for their magazine. Optimistically, I called up the guy who had placed the ad and he asked me to see him the following day.

His office was a bit far from home, so mom took me. The interview went really well and I got the job. Since I was only a contributor, he said I would be getting paid for each article I submitted. I was so thrilled. The fact that I was getting a writing job felt really exciting. Two weeks later I submitted the first articles.

Instead of having me meet him at his office, the guy asked me to meet him up in a hotel. From all the TV I’d watched, I felt something was fishy. Therefore I asked my big sister to accompany me. I gave him three articles on soft copy and while we were having our drinks, my sister and I tried enquiring about the magazine, and some things didn’t feel right. I felt he didn’t sound/appear professional one bit; all my instincts warned me to make for the hills.

After the unusual encounter, I went back home and googled the said magazine but there wasn’t anything about it on the net. The alarm bells in my head were ringing so loud. I couldn’t ignore them. I decided I wouldn’t be taking the job. When I called him later to tell him I couldn’t take the job, I couldn’t reach him. His phone was off. I tried again later but his phone was still off. I didn’t know what to make of that but then I imagined he was a phoney. That’s how I ended up not taking the job; though I doubt there was one to begin with.

I hoped to get my work out there in public but I didn’t know how. Then this blog happened. It was an answered prayer. It might sound funny, but it was. And it didn’t happen overnight. So I figured the priest was right when he asked if the things we’re enjoying today we prayed for yesterday.

This blog is a beautiful milestone. Thank you for your support, for the beautiful awards some of you have bestowed upon me. Words can’t be enough to express the joy in my heart. With this blog I hope to keep my readers inspired/motivated. I pray that with each post I’ll get closer to achieving that goal.

Lots of love,

Aly Georges.


BLOG OF THE YEAR 2013 AWARD- 2nd star

Blog of the year awardI have received my second star for The Blog Of The Year 2013 Award from Ann. It’s such an immense honour to receive another nomination from such a gifted writer. THANK YOU Ann. Her blog, a friend of Jesus2013blog, is a place you can always go for something positive and uplifting.  It’s a place you can get encouragement or a good scripture to apply to a particular challenge in life and be able to see things from a different perspective. it’s a place to get the Word of God and encouragement in challenging times.

As is procedure, to accept my star, I need to nominate a few blogs. So here’s my second round of nominees:

Heike says she’s just someone who is trying to live her life to the fullest and stay positive. She writes her blog, just breathe, to always keep herself inspired, and also to share some of her thoughts.

Kim believes we are all capable of greatness; but we can’t have a future if we’re bound by the past.  This is why she has a blog, Kim Saeed’s let me reach;  hoping her posts can, in some way, instill in others  the insight, confidence and courage to believe in themselves enough to live the life they want. She says it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if one believes.  She asks, “Are you going to continue sitting on the sidelines, watching other people LIVE, or are you going to join them?”

If you crave a dose of inspiration, Pat Cegan’s blog, source of inspiration will give you that and more.

Vincent Egoro is a passionate student of life who is committed to inspiring and empowering millions of people all over the world to live their greatest lives, face their fears and grow stronger. He believes that everyone has a seed of greatness deposited in them at birth by God. But this like all seeds, require nurturing and great care for it to express itself. He strives to achieve this goal by sharing the secrets of optimal living and personal development through his blog.

Tric is a stay at home mum from Ireland, who has a passion for writing, among other things. She loves life and all it brings and is fascinated by people; how they think, act, look.
She’s been keeping a private diary for the past 30 years. It has covered her life from the sad and very lonely days immediately after her Dad died, through her engagement, marriage, birth of her children, (not conception) and all the other events of note or not. Now through her blog, my thoughts on a page, she’s gone digital and public. She writes what she thinks and prefers to do so with humour, although sometimes she may write something profound.

Erl is an average girl currently living in the United Arab Emirates, but is born and raised in the Philippines. Erl thinks of herself as a walking and talking contradiction; an accident waiting to happen. She loves to think, or over-think and make up stories in her head that she never finds time to put down on paper. She says she’s shy, and keeps to herself mostly. She’s also a bookworm, a fan girl (woman,) a Korean Drama addict, a sort of foodie, a chef wannabe, a trying hard photographer and a frustrated writer. Personally, I think she’s an amazing writer. Her blog, a mix of anything and everything, is primarily a chronicle of her life; how she feels, what she does/did, her perception of things; something along those lines.

Megan struggles daily with herself.  It seems a constant battle just finding the courage to go about another day, in the hope that her anxiety and fears will be minimal at best.  She doesn’t know how it began or even if there ever was a beginning.  In some ways, she knows that it has always been a part of her.  She struggles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which is no small matter. Through her blog, war in my brain, she shares her experiences.

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Congratulations to all the nominees! Best of luck to every one!