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And the curse lives on…

unruly kids

I was watching this youtube video-sleep deprived parent parodies classic Carmina Burana song. The ode to sleep deprived parents and terrorizing toddlers song was written by Matthew Hodge, an Australian father of three who was inspired by his one-year old son, who he hopes to show the video when he turns 21. The revamped song was performed by Sydney’s Philharmonic choir.

The musical was just amazing, with all the different voices co-ordinating beautifully. Other than that, it was also very hilarious, as it is the cry of an exasperated parent, who feels their toddler is driving them up the wall. Here are the lyrics:

O’ you terror!

Get down from there!

Mummy’s getting cranky…

Put my phone down.

Where are your pants?

What have you done with my purse?

Don’t throw those blocks.

What is that smell?

Why do you look so happy?

What’s in your mouth?

Who ripped that book?

Why won’t you just stop moving?

He’s on the chair!

Just standing there!

Wobbling like a drunk man.

Where is my mug?

What was that crash?

Who let you in the kitchen?

You’ve got a knife!

Put it down now!

Don’t wave it near your sister!

Put my phone down!

Where are my apps!

Who dialled triple zero?

Why won’t you sleep?

Is it your teeth?

I need another coffee!

My head’s so sore!

Look at the floor!

Cleaning will take forever.

What’s wrong with you?

What did I do?

Why do you do this to me?

I hope when you…

Have some kids too…

They drive you crazy!

I don’t have kids yet, but as I listened to the song some things felt familiar as I have babysat some friends’ babies. Even so, the lyrics had me in stitches. Towards the end of the song, the last few words caught my attention:

What did I do?

Why do you do this to me?

I hope when you…

Have some kids too…

They drive you crazy!

I have heard them so many times before; from my own mom. She’s said them to my sisters, and to me on so many occasions, when she’s pissed. Nowadays she doesn’t say them much though. I guess it’s due to the fact that nowadays we’re trying to respect and understand each other.

Those last words got me thinking; ‘what did I do?’ Nothing actually. I guess the writer’s parent(s) told them the same thing when they were young, ‘I hope when you have some kids too they drive you crazy!’ I’m imagining at least every parent has said that to their kid(s) at one point in their lives.

So in my opinion, parents pass down the ‘curse’ from generation to generation, and that is why anyone who has a toddler, or a child for that matter feels so exasperated as those kids grow. Obviously toddlers are difficult to handle, given that they think everything within their reach is a play toy. But, what if parents were like, “I hope your kids, don’t do this to you.” That would be a really nice thing.

Maybe then those little people wouldn’t be so unruly. And to think they do most of this exasperating stuff with angelic smiles on their little faces… Kids!