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There’s a time for everything


As it turns out, I have very many favourite bible verses. Recently I remembered of a certain verse: For everything there’s a time. Sometimes -I realized- I’m a good procrastinator. So I’ve been struggling with two major things that are too important for me to contemplate dropping either of them. I can do them together-multi task-but then one should happen before the other; more like juggling a career I’ve always desired and a hobby I’m so passionate about. I’ve been so tormented this past week, trying to figure which one I should deal with first; trying to set my priorities right.

In that confusion, a bible Chapter came to mind: Ecclesiastes 3.

Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses.

He sets the time for birth, and the time for death,

the time for planting, and the time for pulling up,

the time for killing and the time for healing,

the time for tearing down, and the time for building.

He sets the time for sorrow and the time for joy,

The time for mourning, and the time for dancing,

The time for making love, and the time for not making love,

the time for kissing, and the time for not kissing.

He sets the time for finding, and the time for losing,

The time for saving, and the time for throwing away,

The time for tearing, and the time for mending,

the time for silence, and the time for talk.

He sets the time for love, and the time for hate, the time for war, and the time for peace.

What do we gain from all our work? I know the heavy burdens that God has laid on us. He has set the right time for everything. He has given us a desire to know the future, but never gives us the satisfaction of fully understanding what He does. So I realized that all we can do is be happy and do the best we can while we are still alive. All of us should eat and drink and enjoy what we have worked for. It is God’s gift.

I know that everything God does will last forever. You can’t add anything to it or take anything away from it. And one thing God does is to make us have reverence for Him. Whatever happens or can happen has already happened before. God makes the same thing happen again and again.

I thought about the verse last Saturday-a week ago-then coincidentally during Sunday mass the following day, the priest celebrating Mass mentioned the same chapter in passing. If it had been part of the day’s readings, I wouldn’t have read anything into it; but it was entirely different from the actual readings.

I believe coincidences don’t just happen; God makes things we had previously imagined come to pass, so it feels like we conjured them up, or making things happen at a convenient moment so they look like coincidences. It’s just God working; that’s my profound believe; but honestly it’s something I learnt only recently.

So when the priest mentioned that same chapter, I believed God was trying to tell me something. Based on that chapter, I decided to take one beautiful day at a time, doing what makes me happy. I’ll figure it all out along the way, with His guidance.