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Nerds today, bosses tomorrow


There’s this very interesting anti-bullying ad I watched, nerds today, bosses tomorrow, where young bullied kids sing their own version of Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I will survive’. The kids, while being manhandled, vow to get back at their bullies. While I don’t quite agree with the whole concept of retaliation, I believe that is what happens in real life:

Someone gets bullied in school and when they get high positions in organizations later in life, they themselves become bullies. So really if that is the case, the cycle of bullying will never end. I feel there should be people big enough to take the high road; never seeking revenge for harm inflicted on them, because truth is that, for one to beat a villain they must be the better villain. If we all compete to be villains, there will be very little good in the world; too much darkness.

A recent post by Richard Branson reminded me of the video. The post said, “A club denied me entry for dressing scruffily. I went back and bought the place! 33 years later. The Roof Garden is going strong.”

The post and the You Tube video had me thinking about people in authority who belittle those they deem powerless. Some call it ‘Karma’; and in my opinion, it’s true, when one does something wrong, especially making an innocent person (s) suffer, they will pay back.

When someone wields power, they misuse it, making those under them suffer without cause. I always find myself questioning such people’s wisdom. Don’t they know that no one knows what tomorrow will bring? An underprivileged person could be at one’s mercy today, but tomorrow the same needy person will be the CEO of a big company, and the boss who mistreated them will be seeking employment in that same company after he was fired from his prestigious position or if the company he used to work for collapsed entirely .


Holding power requires that one practice humility. That way one won’t have so many wrongs to be accountable for because when fate catches up with them, they will be more humiliated than they humiliated those that were once under their authority. God fights for those considered weak by the society.

He fights for the needy, for widows, for the homeless, for the oppressed. He hears the cries of those who cry day after day because they feel powerless in the face of tyranny. And unlike those they oppressed, those who suffered unjustly, their- tyrants – story will be really bad because at the back of their minds they will know they are paying for their wrong deeds.

Power comes and goes. Companies go bankrupt, candidates lose elections when vying for top government positions. That is life; people at the top don’t always remain there; and sometimes those at the bottom of the social ladder, those despised by the larger society, find top positions in various fields.

In light of this, someone in authority should not take advantage of his/her position to bully those under him, because later he may find himself powerless, and at the mercy of those he mistreated…and it will be anything but pretty.