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Burning churches

burning church

Lately I’m seeing an abominable trend; whenever there are religious differences between people from different faiths, places of worship get torched. This has me all worried; when did it become okay for people to set ablaze places of worship as retaliation? I’m a Christian, but I’ve read about other religions; I haven’t come across any religion that teaches its people to disregard other religions; that teaches people to be impious.

Growing up, I was taught that the church is a holy zone; it’s the house of God. As I mentioned in a previous post, petty issues like talking in church were forbidden. It just came naturally; whenever I set foot in the church I was supposed to observe silence, to show respect to God. No one told me it was particularly a sin, but it felt wrong doing otherwise. That was just petty chatting; now we’re talking about people setting the same buildings on fire.

Honestly, I’ve never stepped into a Hindu temple, but I respect it as the Hindus’ place of worship; I’ve never stepped into a mosque, but I respect it as the Muslims’ place of worship; I’ve never been to a synagogue either, but I respect it as the Jews’ place of worship. I respect those places as much as I respect my own church.

One thing I know is that we can’t all be Christians; we can’t all be Muslims; we can’t all be Hindus; we can’t all be Jews… Each one of us is entitled to make their own choice; to choose the faith they want to profess. It’s impossible to force something as sensitive as faith down one’s throat. Now with that in mind, I believe we should respect other people’s choices, and strive to co-exist peacefully. We don’t all have to share a common faith to embrace peace.

God is revered as The Almighty; He can wipe out the world’s population in an instant. Nothing is impossible to Him. If He can do that, why then isn’t everyone a believer? He would have made everyone believe in Him, but He didn’t; because He respects our choices; they do come with consequences, but He respects them. He gave us free will, to make our own decisions.

In the bible, the one incident I remember seeing Jesus really angry was when He found people selling their wares in the church (Matthew 21:12). He threw them out. That makes me wonder, if He was that angry because people had turned His Father’s house into a market, into a hideout for thieves, what does He feel when He sees people burning churches up?

My two cents worth on the matter; burning up churches is unadulterated sacrilege. Anyone who sets churches on fire or destroys places of worship isn’t just waging war against mankind, but against God.