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If money stopped talking

money talks

‘Money talks,’ how many times have I heard that expression? I wouldn’t even contemplate trying to figure how many times I’ve heard it. The expression isn’t just a misused cliché, it’s actually true; in my opinion atleast. Money really talks, and when it does, innocent people languish behind bars while the real felons walk the streets, free as birds. When money talks, unqualified people get jobs they don’t deserve while the really qualified ones watch helplessly as their hard earned credentials are sniffed at. When money talks,  truths are buried.

When one doesn’t have the money to ‘lubricate’ their way through hard situations, bad things happen. There’s just untold suffering. Nowadays it appears, to get things done, one has to keep ‘oiling’ hands of those, whose assistance they need. And when one wants an illegal job done, all they have to do is fork some cash out. It’s slowly becoming the norm.

I was watching this prog the other day, where this guy was released from prison twenty years after he was wrongfully convicted. Turns out his best friend-now sworn enemy- had him incarcerated; he had made him the fall guy in a business deal gone bad.

At the time of his imprisonment, his young wife was pregnant. Unfortunately she died while giving birth to their baby girl. His best friend’s wife gave the baby up for adoption secretly then passed her off as dead. When this man came out of prison, he thought both his wife and daughter were dead. As he wanted to give them a proper burial, he asked if he could have their bodies exhumed. After filling out all the necessary paperwork, he was told he would get the necessary permit in a few days.

His ex-friend’s wife went to visit her old friend at the cemetery. While there, one of the attendants saw her and assuming she was still friends with the deceased’s husband, asked her to inform him the bodies were ready for exhumation. The news caught her off guard; she hadn’t known there were such plans going on.

She was worried. She knew if the graves were dug up, the man would discover his daughter was still alive. That would go contrary to her plans. In an attempt to sabotage the exhumation, she signed a fat cheque, asking the attendant to say he misplaced the documents. At first the guy was like, “That would be contravening my work ethics.” But that was until he glanced at the cheque. His so called work ethics flew out the window; appearing totally non-existent, as he eyed the cheque lustfully.

Just by the sheer act of illegal money changing hands, a desperate, innocent guy would never know his daughter was still alive. That’s what got me thinking, when money talks, awful things happen. So what would happen, if money stopped talking?

It’s easy to dismiss the scene as the creative work of an adept scriptwriter, but truth is, just because it’s a fictional scene doesn’t mean someone somewhere hasn’t experienced the same plight. It might not be particularly about having dead bodies exhumed, but in the world we live today, wrong things happen in broad daylight because money changed hands illegally. Unlawful practices such as bribery are deeply entrenched in our society.

I envision a world where everyone remains true to their work ethics; a world where someone-in desperate need of money or not-refuses to dirty their hands with heinous crimes just because they’re being paid to do it; a world where money doesn’t talk.