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8th Blog Anniversary

It’s eight years since this blog was registered on WordPress, and we are still going strong. ‘We’, because like I have previously said, a writer without readers has no difference with someone who scribbles things on a personal journal, then stashes it away. That’s the person I was before starting this blog. I would write a lot, but everything I wrote was only meant for my eyes … Until I realized, I wanted to share what I wrote with anyone who cared to read.

Though nowadays I rarely get time to write as much as I would want, or visit other blogs for hours on end, I appreciate the few posts I share, and even more, everyone who spares valuable minutes of their precious time to read them. I am cognisant of the fact that, my readers make my posts fun writing, and worth sharing… I immensely appreciate each one of you. Thank you!

Lately I’ve been thinking, if my blog was a child, and if it could talk, it would fault me for being an absentee mother. Reason being that, nowadays I struggle to share even one post a month. Honestly, given how busy/crazy my schedule usually is, making time to write just one post feels like a herculean task. Thank God I love writing because I might have given up on writing entirely.

Furthermore, what keeps me going is the thought that one post could save someone somewhere. You know that feeling someone has when they’re somewhere thinking they are all alone in the world, and no one else understands what they are going through? I have been in that situation severally…and I know how lonely it feels. That’s one of the reasons which encourage me to keep writing.

Someone could be somewhere, literally seconds away from taking drastic measures to end their suffering, but then they meet someone who assures them their problem is not unique, and there is actually a solution. That is the amazing feeling I got when I started reading other blogs, and subsequently realized my anxiety disorder was not unique.

It was that feeling where you think you’re alone, then you take a walk interact with some people… and realize there are so many people in that same situation, only that no one had shared their problem. That is one of the relief I desire to grant my readers. To remind them they are not alone, and a problem shared is a problem halved.

Through my blog, I desire to encourage you, my readers… to help people see the world through my eyes; and since none of us is perfect, to see the world through your eyes as well; for instance, in relationships, there could be many misunderstandings…and anger/hurt makes us relatively short-sighted. Sometimes I write complaining about something hurtful which happened, then I receive very uplifting comments. That is the joy of blogging.

As I celebrate this milestone, I celebrate you my readers as well. I know this far I’ve come, it is because of your support. I am profoundly grateful. Therefore, as this blog turns eight, I raise my glass… to many more years ahead. HAPPY BLOGGING!

7th Blog Anniversary

Lovely happy work anniversary clipart collection

Today’s that day of the year, when I get to celebrate this blog’s anniversary. How time flies… For the last two years, I’ve been forgetting this day, save for the nagging thought at the back of my head that’s always making me feel there’s something special I’m forgetting.

However, today it was different. Not that I didn’t forget the anniversary at first…lol…but because my big sister reminded me. Unlike the past years where I’ve been forgetting it owing to my legal studies/work, this year I had forgotten it because somehow my days are all mixed up. I’ve lost track of days. This whole concept of staying at home has been disillusioning.

Weekends and public holidays are meaningless, in terms of those mid-week breaks we eagerly await. Sometimes I find myself wondering if anyone will ever want to stay home again when this pandemic is behind us. Still, we should thank God for His mercies; for instance, an online page like this, through which I can get to communicate with anyone in any part of the world. Thanks to the internet, we might be far from our loved ones, but we are not alone.

This year as I celebrate my blog’s 7th Anniversary, I’m celebrating all my readers, and my loved ones, who give me the motivation to continue writing; because truth is, writing can be hard at times. As explained in my ‘About’ page, part of the reason I write is because I find writing therapeutic, because it unclogs my mind.

7th Blog anniversary

Somehow, my mind is always working overtime, I guess because of my anxiety. Writing therefore acts as my safe haven, where I can lose myself for a while…vent, and this helps me unclog my mind. Furthermore, most of the times, as I put down my thoughts, I get a moment to reflect on things, with regard to what happened and the lesson learnt. That’s why most of my articles are categorised under ‘Reflections’.

Nonetheless, anyone who reads my posts constantly might notice that nowadays I don’t post much; and the reason for this is that I’ve been too held up with work and school… I’m immensely grateful to each one of you who spares a few minutes of your time to stop by and read my posts. I celebrate you all. You’re the reason this blog is 7 beautiful years today. Here’s to you all…

Happy blogging!

Blogaversary: alygeorges (memoirs of aly) turns four!

It’s that time of the year again. Drum roll please…alygeorges: memoirs of aly (the way I see it) turns four today. The blogaversary had totally escaped my mind. I was just looking at my phone earlier and I was wondering what’s special about today because deep down I felt there was something about the date. Then bam! It hit me. It’s my blog’s anniversary. Not just the first, second, or third…but the fourth.

I’m cognisant of the fact that four rounded to the nearest ten would be zilch…but looking at my glass as half-full, those total up to forty eight months. I’m beside myself with joy. I feel this is a huge milestone, especially when I take into consideration all the challenges I’ve been going through, that even publishing one post a month feels like a herculean task sometimes.

Ninety percent of the time I’m swamped with schoolwork so getting time to blog has been very difficult. However, what I find really amazing, and what keeps me going strong, is the simple thought that even as I struggle, there are people who make time to read the few posts I manage to publish.

Today as I celebrate my blog’s anniversary, I’m celebrating all those who have travelled with me on my blogging journey this far. I cherish you all guys. Thank you for the likes, comments and the thousands of views. I just can’t thank you enough. I’ve said this before, and I’ll keep reiterating; without you my blog wouldn’t be turning four. So differently phrased, WE are turning four today!

I send you many warm hugs. Happy blogging! 🙂

Special three!

blog anniversary 2

Today, 8th May is a special day. For three main reasons:

We celebrate the Ascension of our Lord Jesus. The church commemorates the day He went back to heaven, after which He sent us His helper- The Holy Spirit. A day (Pentecost) we’ll be celebrating next Sunday. The caring God He is, He ensured we would never be alone.

During mass the mass the priest told us about this man who died and went to heaven. When he got there, God showed him the life he’d led when he was on earth. The man watched as his life was displayed before him. He realized that all through there were footprints left behind. There were two pairs of footprints. However, he realized that at a time in his life when he had been going through so much tribulation, there was only one pair of footprints.

Turning to Jesus he asked him, “You left me at a time when I needed you most. Why?”

“Never did I leave your side,” Jesus replied. “Those two footprints you see are mine. I carried you, when you couldn’t walk on your own.”

The man was speechless.

I bet if we had a conversation with Jesus we would ask him the same. ‘Why he left us when we needed him most’. Sometimes I feel like I’m alone. But obviously that’s never the case; because we’re never alone. God’s always there with us. We just need to believe that and push on, even when we feel like life couldn’t get worse.

Today as we celebrate the Ascension of Christ, we should remember that we are never alone. God made sure of that. If ever we get to a point where we feel alone, we should just trust that He’s right there with us and push on.


The second reason why this is a very special day is the fact that today we’re celebrating our beloved mothers. I wish all the mothers out there the happiest of mothers’ day. Personally I celebrate my mom. She’s impacted my life so greatly. The suffering she’s gone through so my sisters and I can make it in life has taught me a lot. She sacrificed, and still continues to sacrifice her happiness so we could at least have a shot at life.

It hasn’t been easy one bit, but from her experiences I understand what motherhood is all about; or at least I think I do. One thing I know without a  shadow of a doubt is that being a mother is a full time job and given that it’s not something a woman can just delegate, it’s just about the hardest job in the world.

I remember this post I once read about a mother’s job. Can’t remember the exact details but in a nutshell, a mother’s job is like a ‘medley’ of jobs. A mother is a care-giver; she’s a teacher; she’s a doctor… a mother is many things. If God-forbid I didn’t have my mom, I couldn’t possibly start to imagine where I would be right now… she’s been there to help me through difficult times; seeming strong even when everything around me was crumbling…

Because of her, I have felt the healing touch of a mother’s love. I acknowledge that no one’s perfect and for that, even she has had her own shortcomings. Even so, I couldn’t have asked for a better mom. I love her, and I cherish her.

Happy mothers’ day to all the mothers.

happy mothers' day

The third reason why this day is special is because today I’m celebrating my blog’s third anniversary. It’s really hard to believe that this blog is now three years old, and counting… I haven’t been blogging much lately but I’m so grateful to all my readers; for your patience and understanding, especially where I go for weeks before replying to comments. It’s never intentional. There’s so much going on in my life right now…

blog anniversary

I cherish you all. Because without you, I wouldn’t have the motivation to write…much as I find it therapeutic. Thank you for your continued support, and encouragement.

So today, I celebrate the Ascension of Christ, all mothers in the world, my blog’s third anniversary and my readers. Such a special day!


alygeorges (memoirs of aly) turns two!

blog anniversary 2nd

Two years ago, on a day like today this beautiful blog was created. I vividly remember that beautiful evening. I had been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a while but somehow I seemed to have more than enough excuses – which felt like genuine reasons at the time- as to why I couldn’t start a blog.

One of the greatest hurdles I had to jump, and with so much effort at that, was the idea of me sharing my life experiences with the whole world. I have always been a private person and the idea of laying out my life stories for all and sundry to see didn’t seem appealing one bit. Everytime I decided to immerse myself into the vast blogosphere, I’d go all anxious and so I’d stall…

Eventually, on 8th May 2013, I found my strength. I just logged into WordPress and without giving my ever unruly anxiety time to discourage me from taking that leap, I created my blog. One thing I was sure of, was that I wanted to use my site to offer encouragement to all who would stop by…and somehow, that felt like it would be a daunting task because even I, sometimes run out of psyche; especially when I’m dealing with problems of my own.

As it is though, when one shares a stressing issue with someone, they realize that the burden feels lighter. Furthermore, from interacting with people on this site, I’ve slowly realized that sometimes the issues I find awfully depressing are nothing compared to what some other people go through.

Therefore, even in my endeavour to inspire my readers through giving my own personal experiences and reflective bits from songs, movies, Holy Scriptures, other people’s experiences…etc. I have also received my own share of encouragement, and for that I’m so grateful.

Sometimes I’m reminded of this saying I heard years ago, ‘We’re all sailing in the same boat, only that others are in different parts of the boat’. Simply put, we all go through difficult moments and even when we feel like our problems are unique, once we share them with others we realize that they ain’t unique at all. This blog has helped me confirm that.

For instance, I used to think this anxiety I struggle with was something so unique. However, I’ve been proved so wrong because everytime I look around I’ll find someone talking about their own anxiety. So now I know I’m just another person struggling with anxiety. In a way, I feel comforted to know that I’m not alone in this.

That’s just one of numerous examples.

As I write each post, I always question what I want readers to get from it; and everytime I’ll find myself hoping that in a way I’ll reach out to someone somewhere; if only to make them feel that they’re not alone in this vast, callous world. That is where I derive my strength to keep this blog going.

For the past couple of months though, I haven’t been able to post much because school has been taking up all my time and I sincerely apologize to my ardent readers for that. However, I intend to remain true to my objective- to encourage and remind all those who stop by that the problems we go through are just a passing cloud and that there’s more to life than just resigning ourselves to misery.

As we know, writing is a two way thing. It’s a fact that a writer/blogger wouldn’t have much to pride themselves in if the pieces they wrote didn’t have anyone to read them. The feedback may not always be positive, but anyone who puts their work out there knows it’s subject to public scrutiny; and that’s ok. On that note I send my profound gratitude to all those who stop by because my blog wouldn’t be turning two today if I didn’t have you to read my posts. Thank you so much.

blog 2nd anniversary

In the spirit of encouragement I’ll share this quote by Martin Luther King Jr., ‘If you can’t fly, then run; if you can’t run, then walk; if you can’t walk, then crawl; but whatever you do, keep moving’. However tough things feel, always keep these words in my mind.



Very inspiring blogger Award 3

I want to start off by sending my sincere apologies to the lovely lady, Anna Kedi, who nominated me for this beautiful award a few months ago. I meant to work on it a while back but I have been so tied up with school work. That is also the reason I haven’t been blogging a lot lately. I would also like to apologize to my readers, who I may have inconvenienced in one way or another for failing to post regularly.

For the duration I have been blogging on WordPress I have interacted with very many people, who I have grown so fond of; so even while I’m not on here I’m always thinking of you. This blog wouldn’t be what it is without your continued support.

Now back to the nomination. I’m so humbled by Anna S. Kedi’s nomination, because the main reason I blog is to inspire/motivate all those who stop by. This beautiful award is yet another reminder that in a way I’m achieving my objective. Thank you so much Anna.

Follow her blog, labiblioafronebrulepas, where she gives an insight into Africa, through its books, history and music.


  1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Seven Facts About Me:

A few months ago I was nominated for this same award, Very Inspiring Blogger, and as I believe I’m still the same as I was then, I’m sharing the facts I did in the previous post. So here goes:

I’m a sporty person and at the moment inline skating is my favourite sport.

I love attending mass because for me going to church is not just part of a routine but a major source of strength.

It saddens me when I see someone in need and can’t do anything to help them, especially when what they desire is beyond me.

I love animal products so much; you know beef, drumsticks, yoghurt, etc. but everytime I see an animal being mistreated I contemplate going the vegan way. Sometimes I feel some people forget animals have feelings too and therefore need to be treated with care.

I like to think of myself as a nocturnal because I am more active at night than I am during the day.

I looked up the definition of an introvert on Google, and it turns out I fit the description perfectly.

Watching movies is one of my favourite pastimes, but horror movies are my worst.

My list of inspiring Nominees:

Looking for the light – She is a resilient woman who struggles with Bipolar Disorder and the anxiety it brings. She is also an abuse survivor. Follow her blog, where she talks about very touching and inspiring issues.

Victo dolore – her intent is to write and post at least once a day, covering topics ranging from motherhood, medicine, and life in general.

Just a dad–he’s a dad with many questions, who enjoys watching movies with kids and as it is, questions arise from some of the plot holes. He started his blog to find like-minded people who analyse movies critically like he does. Follow his blog to read his intriguing/ thought-provoking questions.

lifelovestress – she describes herself as an average girl, hoping to make a difference in this crazy world.

poeticallyspoken –Monique, is an inspirational Poet/Writer/Songwriter, who enjoys telling her life stories through Poems. Follow her blog to read her beautiful poems.

the vintage couple – Jason and Aisha are a beautiful Christian couple who complete each other. On their blog they share their experiences and testimonies, hoping to interact with like-minded people.

Kiwipaul’spoetry – Paul says, in his site you will find a variety of posts;  some uplifting others not so.  They are however all words from his heart; a pretty genuine reflection of his world and how he sees it.  He hopes that there is something in it for everyone that makes some sense, inspires, comforts or challenges us.

Ms tranquility – She started her blog to share her thoughts and feelings in poetry form. She describes herself as a heart-centred person and most of what she writes is based around love….but, she is also quite random so you may find a humorous post, or videos of music that move her, or even an erotic poem here and there…

Meredith – Follow her blog to read her insightful and uplifting musings, which she writes from the heart.

InfiniteZip – She dreamt of lavender fields, bodies entwined in grasses below a warm summer sun…these are the writings fed through dreams for your pleasure. Follow her blog to get more.

julxrp – Julian Pereira says his blog is just a way for him to put his thoughts and two cents into whatever is on his mind at the time; for everyone to see…

patrice says hers is to make art beautiful; a living art created within her mind and expressed by her hand. This is her purpose in this life.

live2laugh4love – She says, every moment is a gift and asks, “How are you going to use your gift?”
She further says, “Live like there are no tomorrows. Laugh as if you have all the joy. Love like you have all the love in the world.”

Dreeming Demon – Dimantha says explaining his blog is kinda tough, since he posts almost every random thought that comes to his mind. He defines his site as a cross section of his wandering mind.

Emily Rose Lewis describes herself as ‘work in progress’, since she knows that she is still growing into the full knowledge of the truth. Often when she writes it helps her sort through her emotions. She gleans spiritual insight through the parables that play out in her everyday life. Writing brings deeper revelation about who God is and how she is to be in this world as Christ was.

Given that I could only nominate fifteen blogs, I feel I’ve left out so many inspiring blogs. Therefore, I dedicate this award to all the blogs I read because I realized every writer inspires in their own unique way.



Brave Heart Award

I saw a notification that I had been nominated for a Brave Heart Award, I was so overjoyed. Then I thought I had seen wrong, so I clicked on the link to view the original post at http://april4june6.wordpress.com
Other than the fact that I had been nominated for the award, it’s the award’s title that had me beside myself with happiness; it’s a Brave Heart Award. The title is in itself a huge inspiration. The thought that my blog had been nominated for this very beautiful award was just unbelievable.

I’m so honoured, and I lack the words to express my joy. Thank you so much april4june6 for thinking of me, and for honouring me with this award. THANK YOU!
Please visit her blog, where she documents her journey of self-transformation.

My answers to the questions asked:
Tell us a little bit about your blog. Who designed it? My blog’s theme is the free twenty twelve theme. I’ve customized some of the basic aspects like colour, background and the header picture. On my blog I’ve used a picture of doves as my header. It symbolizes peace, and tranquility. The background is made up of many butterflies, which symbolize freedom/ a free spirit.

What is the title and description of your blog? Alygeorges-my name- is my blog’s title and memoirs of aly (the way I see it) is the blog’s description as I intended to use this site as a platform to share my personal experiences or other people’s experiences from my perspective, all in the hope of inspiring all those who stop by.

Who is your intended audience? I write to reach out to people who have gone through painful experiences and to those who haven’t been through such, just to give them some insight on shared experiences for learning purposes, so basically my blog is intended for anyone who seeks inspiration/motivation.

How did you come up with the title of your blog? Before I started blogging I was still writing on the same issues I still blog about; my life, my perspective on different matters. I needed a name that would incorporate all that. So I chose ‘memoirs of aly’ for my experiences and ‘the way I see it’ for my view on experiences that weren’t mine.

Give us an interesting fun fact about your blog. Initially when I started blogging I intended to publish at least one post everyday but my tight schedule made that difficult, so I always try to post at least thrice every week and sometimes that proves difficult too.

What other blogs do you own and what makes them alike? This is my first and only blog-so far- and I’m really having so much fun. Before I started blogging I wasn’t reading that many blogs but now I read so many; I interact with very many people and from that I’ve really learned a lot.

Do you have any unique talents or hobbies? I don’t know if my singing is unique but that’s one of the talents I have. I can hit two octaves comfortably. I’ve also written song lyrics which I’m yet to have officially produced. Additionally, writing is something I’ve always loved. It started as a hobby but now I feel like it’s my calling. Blogging is one of the first steps I’ve taken towards accomplishing that and when I get some free time I enjoy inline skating.

What can we expect from you in the future? I write to inspire/motivate and I hope to keep doing that. With God’s help I hope to continue inspiring/motivating/empowering people; to put my indelible mark on the vast blogosphere.

Do you have any tips for readers or advice for other writers/bloggers? One tip great writers share is to read more. Personally I must confess I don’t read as much as I would want to but it’s something I know I should do. Again, I find writing therapeutic, so I would advise other bloggers to use blogging as a channel to find some inner peace. Nothing feels good like when I post something and readers relate to it. It makes me feel I’m not alone. The advice given also helps me in ways so unimaginable.

Before you go, could you share a snippet from your blog? Life is difficult; that’s a fact, and I’ve learned that one doesn’t need to have it all; to accomplish all their dreams in order to be happy. Having suffered from depression and some other stress-related illnesses, I know how important it is to be happy; so I’ll share a post I once wrote on happiness: How to be happy.

As a prerequisite to accepting the award, I need to nominate a few bloggers, and while I’m not so sure what makes a blog (ger) eligible for this award, I believe it’s anyone who is going through some challenge/ has had to overcome some difficulty to be where they are today.

Most of the blogs I read are some sought of journal, where the bloggers give accounts of difficult challenges they have faced and because of that I feel many deserve this award. However, because I can only nominate a few, these are my nominees:

http://woundstofeel.wordpress.com Emily has struggled with chronic depression and anxiety her entire life. She is also a former (devout) Mormon. Her Mormon experience, along with traumatic experiences and dysfunctional family dynamics, have influenced deep-seated body image and self-esteem issues that she has only faced head on within the past year. Last year she entered treatment for Binge Eating Disorder and has slowly started chipping away at her past so she can move forward and be a strong example to her daughter and niece of what it means to love oneself.

She is here to work through her continuing healing process and hopefully help others with theirs. She’s also here to continue the spread of information regarding mental health and reduce the stigma associated with it.
http://live2laugh4love.wordpress.com/this-is-me– Sharing about herself has been difficult her entire life. She has been a private person and really wanted to keep things that way. She says life really has a way of changing what you want, to what you need.

Ajaytao, describes himself as an extremely introverted guy, who will never open up to anybody until he feels deeply intimate with that person. Since being diagnosed with cancer he’s decided to open up and share his thoughts and feelings with the world.

Panikikubik on her blog Panic yesterday, writes to reach out to all those who suffer from any form of panic disorder, generalized anxiety and worry and even to those who don’t because she believes it’s always good to learn something new. Having suffered from panic attacks of varying intensities for over 20 years, she has been on a journey of hopelessness and is determined to get rid of her panic attacks.

Kim believes we are all capable of greatness; but we can’t have a future if we’re bound by the past. This is why she has a blog, Kim Saeed’s let me reach; hoping her posts can, in some way, instil in others the insight, confidence and courage to believe in themselves enough to live the life they want. She says it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if one believes.
http://lookingforthelight.me/ was abused by her mother, stepfather and father until she was a teenager. All scars hurt, especially of her father, who sexually abused her. He later committed suicide and even though he hurt her it’s difficult to come to terms with such tragedy. She also struggles with treatment-resistant bipolar.

Rules for the award:

Answer the above questions.
-Post the award.
-Link back to the person who gave it to you and nominate others.


Very inspiring blogger Award 2

The other day when I was checking my notifications I found this lovely comment on my about page: “I nominated you for the very inspiring blog award and I hope you don’t mind. Please forgive me if you don’t want awards, or already have too much. However I nominated you because I like your blog and I hope I made you smile.” (I’ve left out some parts of the comment).

I definitely smiled. Blog awards are special, because for me, it’s not the award itself that actually makes me happy but the thought that someone considered my blog worthy of one. For me, it’s the thought that really counts. And about me feeling like I have many awards; I don’t think the day will ever come when I feel I can’t accept more awards because I have too many. Each award has its own special significance to me.

Thank you nonsmokingladybug for the nomination. I feel so humbled. You made me smile. Please visit her blog athttp://nonsmokingladybug.wordpress.com, where she writes about her addiction to smoking and how she eventually quit.

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Seven facts about me:

As a prerequisite to accepting the award, I should give seven facts about me, so here goes:

I’m a sporty person and at the moment inline skating is my favourite sport.

I love attending mass because for me going to church is not just part of a routine but a major source of strength.

It saddens me when I see someone in need and can’t do anything to help them, especially when what they desire is beyond me.

I love many animal products, but everytime I see an animal being mistreated I contemplate going vegan. Sometimes I feel some people forget animals have feelings too and therefore need to be treated with care.

I like to think of myself as a nocturnal because I am more active at night than I am during the day.

I looked up the definition of an introvert on Google, and it turns out I fit the description perfectly.

Watching movies is one of my favourite pastimes, but horror movies are my worst.


My list of inspiring nominees:
















Since this post is all about acknowledging inspirational blogs/bloggers, I would love to give a special thanks toSusan Irene Fox, a lady who inspires me immensely. She would have been first on my list but her blog is an award free site. Thank you Susan, I really appreciate your constant encouragement.

There are many bloggers I would love to nominate for the award, but the requirement is only fifteen. I apologize to anyone who feels I left out their blog. I visit many blogs and I find some inspiration from each one of them.

I also want to thank all those who spare time to read my ramblings. You are my greatest inspiration because the desire to make my blog posts worth your while gives me the strength to sit down and write, even when I feel so down. Thank you all.





Memoirs of aly (the way I see it) turns one

I year blog's anniversary 2

Last year on a day like today, this site -memoirs of aly (the way I see it) -was born. Before I started this site I had contemplated it for a while, but somehow I was always finding excuses not to. On eighth May last year, deciding that would be the day I would start blogging, I just got on wordpress and signed in. It wasn’t easy finding my way round this vast blogosphere but one year down the line, I feel I’m getting on fine.

I would love to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to all those who find time to stop by. With so many blogs on wordpress alone, I feel honoured that one would spare their time to read my ramblings. THANK YOU again. I acknowledge the fact that a writer becomes relevant because of his/her readers. So what I’m grateful for today-my achievement- is thanks to you; I wouldn’t have the psych to keep on writing if I didn’t have you to read.

I year blog's anniversary

What some of you might not know is that I’ve always loved to write. I’ve always found comfort in writing. Growing up I was somewhat introverted, and I found writing a good way to vent. When I was so happy I would write it all down, just so I wouldn’t forget the beautiful feelings. That’s the beauty of writing; when one reads an article/book/journal entry…the words carry someone to that particular time and if one expresses themselves right, the reader will get the same attitude/mood the writer was in.

This past Sunday in church, the priest said to the congregation, “If you make time for God, He will make time for you. And at His own appointed time, He will act.” He continued, “Those things you’re enjoying today, did you pray for them yesterday?”

While I was reflecting on that, I thought about this blog. Long before I ever thought of starting a blog, I tried to get a writing job. During my search I saw this ad on a newspaper. They needed a contributor for their magazine. Optimistically, I called up the guy who had placed the ad and he asked me to see him the following day.

His office was a bit far from home, so mom took me. The interview went really well and I got the job. Since I was only a contributor, he said I would be getting paid for each article I submitted. I was so thrilled. The fact that I was getting a writing job felt really exciting. Two weeks later I submitted the first articles.

Instead of having me meet him at his office, the guy asked me to meet him up in a hotel. From all the TV I’d watched, I felt something was fishy. Therefore I asked my big sister to accompany me. I gave him three articles on soft copy and while we were having our drinks, my sister and I tried enquiring about the magazine, and some things didn’t feel right. I felt he didn’t sound/appear professional one bit; all my instincts warned me to make for the hills.

After the unusual encounter, I went back home and googled the said magazine but there wasn’t anything about it on the net. The alarm bells in my head were ringing so loud. I couldn’t ignore them. I decided I wouldn’t be taking the job. When I called him later to tell him I couldn’t take the job, I couldn’t reach him. His phone was off. I tried again later but his phone was still off. I didn’t know what to make of that but then I imagined he was a phoney. That’s how I ended up not taking the job; though I doubt there was one to begin with.

I hoped to get my work out there in public but I didn’t know how. Then this blog happened. It was an answered prayer. It might sound funny, but it was. And it didn’t happen overnight. So I figured the priest was right when he asked if the things we’re enjoying today we prayed for yesterday.

This blog is a beautiful milestone. Thank you for your support, for the beautiful awards some of you have bestowed upon me. Words can’t be enough to express the joy in my heart. With this blog I hope to keep my readers inspired/motivated. I pray that with each post I’ll get closer to achieving that goal.

Lots of love,

Aly Georges.



Very inspiring blogger Award

Blog awards to me feel utterly precious. I think of them as a way through which other bloggers use to tell fellow bloggers they like/appreciate their work. I’ve been nominated for a few awards previously and one would be tempted to think that once you get them you get used to it. I don’t know how others feel but personally, each nomination gives me that incredible feeling. Sometimes I just lack the words to describe it but in all it’s a very, very beautiful feeling.

I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Kimberly Jo Cooley some days ago but couldn’t post about it yet as I was working on the Way of the Cross series. Her nomination touched a deep part in my soul. When I started this blog, my aim was-still is-to inspire anyone who stops by. Like I wrote on ‘why memoirs of aly’, I share my experiences because that way I’ll be able to connect with people who have gone through similar experiences and to enlighten others who haven’t because when all is said and done, life is too short to experience everything; but if one wills it, they can choose to learn from other people’s experiences.

Sometimes I post religious stuff even though I know not all my readers profess the Christian faith. One thing I’d like to put across though is that the main reason I do it is because I struggle with anxiety and faith gets me past those dark days. With the Way of the Cross for instance; the first time I said those prayers and actually reflected on them was last year. They opened my eyes to faith and I feel I couldn’t have found them at a better time because last year so much happened in my life and the strength I had derived from the prayers got me through it all.

Ergo, this year I decided to share the prayers, so people would reflect on them during this Lenten season, in the hope that they will offer great inspiration to all who read it like they did to me. My intention with this blog, as I’ve stated before, is to inspire, to motivate, and I share what I deem inspirational or something readers can reflect on.

Through Kimberly’s nomination, I feel I’m achieving my aim; and for that I’m immensely grateful. Thank you Kimberly! I also want to thank all my readers; all who spare some time to read my ramblings. Thank you all.

This award doesn’t come with rules but as it is, I’ve read many blogs which I feel are really inspiring. Basically, inspiration-according to the Oxford dictionary-is all about things/people who make one desire to be better/successful; things/people who give us ideas for something, especially something artistic or imaginative. And the thing about inspiration is that one can draw it from anything; it’s all about having an open mind. That said, below is my own list of inspiring nominees:

AB atperspectives on life, universe and anything

Karina Sussanto at Karina’s thought, encouraging and inspiring through God’s word


PattyB at thoughtsfromanamericanwoman

VicBriggs at shards of silence

Kim Saeed at letmereach


There are no rules – for accepting this award. Just copy it and place it on your blog in a post or wherever you like… link back if you have time to do so.