Thank you for visiting memoirs of aly (the way i see it).

Please feel free to sign my guestbook by leaving a comment below. I would be delighted to know where you’re from and you can also include your favourite post from memoirs of aly (the way I see it).

Thank you loads.

12 thoughts on “guestbook

    1. alygeorges Post author

      the ‘prodigal’ blogger hath returned…good to hear from you Jowal. sooooo happy you never want to miss any of them. hope you duin great. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  1. Sherrey Meyer

    Aly, the way I see it, you have stories to share and memories to journey through. I too have been writing my memoir but not at the site you visited, Sowing Seeds of Grace. My stories and writing life can be found at Visit and see that I too have healed through my writing. Thanks for following me at Sowing Seeds. Your blog is a delightful place to land and visit awhile.

  2. Little Miss Unsure

    Hi Aly! I am so glad that I stumbled upon your site. I have only read a few posts so far, but I have been encouraged and inspired by them and cannot wait to read more. My favorite at the moment is My Dilemma, because I find posts about any kind of relationship super intriguing. I hope everything works out between you and that guy. πŸ™‚
    Oh and my name is Lauren aka Little Miss Unsure. Thank you for stopping by my site

  3. bethwarstadt

    Aly, thanks for stopping by my blog so I could discover yours. You are very insightful, and I look forward to reading many though-provoking posts from you soon. Best wishes, Beth Warstadt from Suwanee, Georgia (author of Maisie’s List)


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