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Here’s to… my first legal job: Part 2

Earlier that day, my boss had arrived at the court late, and somehow thought it would be wise to put the blame on me. This was despite the fact that I had found someone to hold brief for him, requesting for the case file to be set aside. I had even notified him about it, detailing what had transpired in court in his absence, and even texted him the exact time the matter would be coming up again.

However, previous incidents of me shouldering blame for faults that were not mine had made me realize I could not continue carrying myself as a martyr. I would only, own up to my mistakes. Furthermore, stoicism wasn’t working for me, because the anguish was ravaging me, from the inside.

That day, a fellow colleague and I were summoned to my boss’ office, to be reprimanded for being incompetent. The lady partner was also present, and all she was doing was fanning dying embers. That is when it became vividly clear, what her intentions were. She did not like me one bit and she would do whatever it took to make my time there miserable as hell.

Unbelieving, and unable to fathom what was happening right in front of me, I explained to my boss all the concerns I had; all of which he seemed to understand. For the first time in a while, I felt the weight on my chest ease. I laid everything bare, detailing the instances they had faulted me for their own mistakes.

Afterwards, my boss went back to how he was in January; calm, and soft-spoken. However, that was not meant to last, as I would later discover. Two weeks ago, my colleague and I expressed our concerns about going to work amid the coronavirus outbreak, seeing how fast it is spreading and our work entailed filing matters in court and serving. On a good day I would spend about two hours in the office. The rest I spent out, running office errands.

The boss’ reply was, if we skipped work without leave, we would not get paid. Given what was at stake, I opted to pass on the money, and so did my friend. We even agreed to quit because the office was becoming too toxic. As my friend had put it, even other colleagues had started showing their true colours.

One thing I’m not sure I like about the legal profession, is that there’s a hierarchy, where someone is regarded, based on when they were admitted to the bar-‘seniority’. In layman’s term, it is an equivalent to how in the society young people are supposed to respect their elders. In this case, an ‘elder’ could be a twenty six year old, who was lucky enough to join the profession early, lording it over a fifty year old, who decided to become a lawyer after completing a PhD in an entirely different field.

Therefore, due to this concept of seniority, the ones at the bottom of the chain such as my friend and I, who are merely pupils, might end up getting overworked or maltreated by the rest. That is something my boss’ partner was keen on implementing, because she told my boss succinctly, that pupils should be the ones doing the bulk of the work.

This is what made my friend and I opt to skip work, given that most of the work assigned to us was clerical work, which ordinarily would be assigned to the firm’s clerk, or a certified process server. Next thing I knew, I was reading a letter of summary dismissal. Honestly, the letter caught me by surprise because I had not done anything to warrant dismissal.

Sixth Blog Anniversary

8th May came and and passed by quietly… it didn’t even cross my mind that it was a special day…My blog’s 6th anniversary. I only remembered it a couple of days ago, and truth be told, I was pretty disappointed with myself, because I like to acknowledge special days; mine or my loved ones’.

Anyhu, I’m always of the opinion that, ‘better late than never’… So here goes… My heartfelt gratitude to all my readers…all those who inspire me to write. I know I wouldn’t be making such a tremendous milestone if it were not for you, my cherished readers, who inspire me to keep writing… I celebrate you all, and from my heart’s depths, I say THANK YOU, for your continued support.

The Solemnity of Corpus Christi

corpus christi

Sunday, 22nd June, was the Solemnity of Corpus Christi (Latin for Body of Christ), also called Corpus Domini. Naturally the feast is celebrated on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday, but in places where the day is not a holy day of obligation, it is celebrated the Sunday after Trinity Sunday.

It is a feast celebrating the tradition and belief in the body and blood of Jesus Christ and His real presence in the Eucharist. Bread and wine are consecrated, turning them into His body and blood. Visually, the bread still takes the form of bread and the wine still looks like red wine and tastes like wine. It is only by faith that faithful believe it is the actual body and blood.

Celebrating bread and wine as the body and blood of Christ is a rite that dates back in time, to Holy Thursday, during the Last Supper, where Jesus broke bread, blessed wine and shared it with His disciples, then asked them to continue with the rite in His memory. So essentially, when Christians eat His body and drink His blood, they follow His Command.

When we look back at the events that took place on Holy Thursday, the Last Supper, which was the principal event, sought of gets overshadowed by the others. For this reason, the feast of Corpus Christi was created to focus solely on the Holy Eucharist.

In 1 Corinthians 10: 16-17, Paul says, “The cup we use in the Lord’s Supper, and for which we give thanks to God: when we drink from it, we are sharing in the blood of Christ. And the bread we break: when we eat it, we are sharing in the body of Christ. Because there is one loaf of bread, all of us, though many, are one body, for we all share the same loaf.”

Why was bread used to symbolize the body of Christ? Someone might ask. Couldn’t God have picked something fancier? Bread, as seen in the bible was used in many instances. Jesus used bread as a symbol of His body because it was affordable to many.

After Jesus fed the five thousand men with five loaves of bread and two fish (John 6: 1-13), they thought He was the prophet who was to come into the world. Afraid they would seize Him in order to make Him king by force, Jesus went off again to the hills by Himself.

When the people found Him the next day, He told them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never be hungry. He who believes in me will never be thirsty”. (John 6: 35). He goes on to say, “Your ancestors ate manna in the desert but they died. But the bread that comes from heaven is of such a kind that whoever eats it will not die.

I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats this bread, he will live forever. The bread that I will give him is my flesh, which I give so that the world may live.” (John 6: 49-51).

Someone might think that if the consecrated bread-Eucharist-is the body of Christ, then if someone was to have plenty of it, they would have more Jesus in them. That is not the case however. Each piece of the Eucharist weighs the same. It doesn’t matter how many pieces it’s broken into. The one who eats the full sacrament, hundreds of them, or just a tiny particle all consume the same amount.

Additionally, sharing the body of Christ doesn’t diminish Him. On the contrary, it unites all those who eat it, into one body. As he says, “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood lives in me and I Live in Him.” (John 6: 56). Through sharing His body and blood we become one body in Christ.

consecration of bread and wine

God is able; through Him all things are possible. That is what the faithful believe. So if that’s the case, shouldn’t that make all who partake of His body and blood superhuman, able to do anything they want?

It is true; eating Christ’s body and drinking His blood empowers people. At the same time, one can’t just lie around and wait to perform tasks superhumanly. Eating the Eucharist follows the ‘faith without action is dead’ concept. One needs to work hard, doing what’s right; living by God’s commandments for the Eucharist to manifest itself fully. It’s all about faith.

Once a priest said in church that people who are mentally unstable-insane-are not given the sacrament because it would just be desecrated. I’m thinking the reasoning behind that is that they are not in the state of mind to believe the effect of the Eucharist in them, so it would be meaningless to let them have it.

It is God’s hope that we all live virtuously. He despises actions which undermine love; revenge for instance, and only encourages acts of kindness, forgiveness… if all those who partake of the Eucharist believe it is Christ’s body, then they should refrain from things that taint its sanctity; actions encouraged by the devil.

Christ taught us to forgive. It is human nature to err; and because of that, forgiveness becomes a vital necessity in life. If you are wounded, don’t take matters into your own hands, because that only kills love and encourages inhumane acts like terrorism, which have become so rampant nowadays, in the quest for vengeance. Instead, take your pain to the wounded healer and let Him take it away. Let Him avenge you.

Why My Wife’s Job Is Harder Than Mine

This post is an honour to all stay-at-home-moms; our uncelebrated heroes. AMAZING, AMAZING post!


I work at a large, top-200 law firm in one of the ten most populous cities in the country. The hours can be grueling, there are constant deadlines, and the work is mentally demanding.  Any partner in my particular practice area can assign me work, which means I have more than 30 potential bosses.  At any given time, I am working on projects for three to five partners, all of whom believe that their assignment should take priority over any other work.  As a result, there have been many long days (and long nights).

Moreover, being a lawyer at a large firm is a high-stress endeavor.  Even small mistakes can have significant implications and, as a result, tensions can run high.  And of course, because excellence is expected, partners are unlikely to give much positive feedback for a job well done; instead, the reward for good work is more work.


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BLOG OF THE YEAR 2013 AWARD- 2nd star

Blog of the year awardI have received my second star for The Blog Of The Year 2013 Award from Ann. It’s such an immense honour to receive another nomination from such a gifted writer. THANK YOU Ann. Her blog, a friend of Jesus2013blog, is a place you can always go for something positive and uplifting.  It’s a place you can get encouragement or a good scripture to apply to a particular challenge in life and be able to see things from a different perspective. it’s a place to get the Word of God and encouragement in challenging times.

As is procedure, to accept my star, I need to nominate a few blogs. So here’s my second round of nominees:

Heike says she’s just someone who is trying to live her life to the fullest and stay positive. She writes her blog, just breathe, to always keep herself inspired, and also to share some of her thoughts.

Kim believes we are all capable of greatness; but we can’t have a future if we’re bound by the past.  This is why she has a blog, Kim Saeed’s let me reach;  hoping her posts can, in some way, instill in others  the insight, confidence and courage to believe in themselves enough to live the life they want. She says it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if one believes.  She asks, “Are you going to continue sitting on the sidelines, watching other people LIVE, or are you going to join them?”

If you crave a dose of inspiration, Pat Cegan’s blog, source of inspiration will give you that and more.

Vincent Egoro is a passionate student of life who is committed to inspiring and empowering millions of people all over the world to live their greatest lives, face their fears and grow stronger. He believes that everyone has a seed of greatness deposited in them at birth by God. But this like all seeds, require nurturing and great care for it to express itself. He strives to achieve this goal by sharing the secrets of optimal living and personal development through his blog.

Tric is a stay at home mum from Ireland, who has a passion for writing, among other things. She loves life and all it brings and is fascinated by people; how they think, act, look.
She’s been keeping a private diary for the past 30 years. It has covered her life from the sad and very lonely days immediately after her Dad died, through her engagement, marriage, birth of her children, (not conception) and all the other events of note or not. Now through her blog, my thoughts on a page, she’s gone digital and public. She writes what she thinks and prefers to do so with humour, although sometimes she may write something profound.

Erl is an average girl currently living in the United Arab Emirates, but is born and raised in the Philippines. Erl thinks of herself as a walking and talking contradiction; an accident waiting to happen. She loves to think, or over-think and make up stories in her head that she never finds time to put down on paper. She says she’s shy, and keeps to herself mostly. She’s also a bookworm, a fan girl (woman,) a Korean Drama addict, a sort of foodie, a chef wannabe, a trying hard photographer and a frustrated writer. Personally, I think she’s an amazing writer. Her blog, a mix of anything and everything, is primarily a chronicle of her life; how she feels, what she does/did, her perception of things; something along those lines.

Megan struggles daily with herself.  It seems a constant battle just finding the courage to go about another day, in the hope that her anxiety and fears will be minimal at best.  She doesn’t know how it began or even if there ever was a beginning.  In some ways, she knows that it has always been a part of her.  She struggles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which is no small matter. Through her blog, war in my brain, she shares her experiences.

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