Of bad mothers and husbands: Part 4

I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence, though I really doubt it is, that dad always ignores all mother’s days, and mom’s birthdays, year in year out. It’s also worth mentioning that he’s very good with dates; I think my big sister and I inherited that from him. Therefore, we found it very suspicious that he’s the one who was volunteering to go visit his mother, only a week after she made him feel so worthless as a son, and as a man. She had deflated his massive ego, and one thing I know about dad, is that he hardly forgives, nor forgets.

He got home last week but one Friday evening, visibly angry. I asked mom if it’s because she’d told him she wasn’t going to see his mom the next day, but she told me she hadn’t told him yet. Therefore I don’t know why he appeared miffed. I told her to tell him, so he could blow a gasket already. I knew that was inevitable. Calmly, mom told him she wasn’t going. He asked why, but she told him she just didn’t feel like it. Since he had opted to forget her birthday, she wouldn’t be the one reminding him.

Weirdly, he didn’t flip the lid like I had anticipated. Instead, he called his sister, telling her they’d meet up at 7.00am the next day. He also mentioned in passing, mom wasn’t accompanying them. After that he went out and came moments later with a pack of beer cans. He gulped it down quietly, then went out about two hours later. He came back at around 2.00am. For the next four hours he unleashed hell, ranting loudly and banging things.

By then his speech was all slurred, indicating just how intoxicated he was. At some point he tried hitting mom, but she dared him to… He’s ever spent an unfortunate night in a cold police cell after a violent outburst at home, and for whatever reason, he’s always been afraid of getting locked up again. He’s never talked about what happened in the police cell, but I usually suspect he was roughed up.

He made drunken calls to his sister, who also, for whatever reason was gracious enough to pick up at that ungodly hour. The last time they’d gone to visit the mother he was so drunk, that he was driving at 40km/h on the highway. Sometimes he’d forget he was driving and whenever mom jolted him back to reality with a light tap on the thigh, he’d accelerate to 60km/h.

It was only by God’s mercy they arrived safe. With that in mind, mom called dad’s sister, telling her dad was in no position to drive, seeing as he was in a drunken stupor. She understood, so she called dad, postponing their trip to the next Saturday (this past Saturday).

After all that drama, dad finally fell asleep, leaving mom to cry herself to sleep on the couch. I’m not sure what time she woke up because I slept at around 5.30am and woke up six hours later at around 11.30am. Thankfully it was Saturday, so I didn’t have any urgent matter to attend to.

Obviously mom looked sad, but there’s nothing much we could do. Dad was still asleep. By the time I was making my way to the living room, dad was already there, standing at the door. He was travelling back to his house after the botched travel plans.

Seeing as I hadn’t wished mom happy birthday yet, I ran towards her with my arms stretched out, and she stood from where she was seated on the couch and walked into my embrace. I hugged her tight, kissing her on the cheeks, and she smiled. “Your dad will feel bad you’re hugging me”, she whispered cautiously in my ear; and the thought made me hug her even tighter.

Dad was purporting to act up because he’d not gone to see his mother, so I couldn’t care less what he thought of me. I was also hugging my sweet mother. Her only fault was to fall in love with dad and stick by him, regardless of his narcissism; and his callous actions reminded her of that wrong choice more often than not.

“What are you celebrating?” He asked with utter disdain. He sounded extremely bitter. I couldn’t dignify that with a response, so I just ignored him. My little sis also showed up, looking all elated and flung her arms around mom. Dad couldn’t bear the sight, so he left. However, before he did, my big sister asked him to stay, but he said they would talk on the phone later (She called him later but he refused to pick up).

My sisters and I just held an impromptu meeting, deciding what we needed for mom’s birthday, and my small sister and I drove out to get the supplies. Once dad left, the dark clouds scudded away, and a happy party vibe filled the house. Mom’s birthday turned out great.


2 thoughts on “Of bad mothers and husbands: Part 4

    1. alygeorges Post author

      The love I have for my family keeps me grounded. Sometimes when I’m feeling so down I think of all the things I could do in the heat of the moment… then a single thought of how they could get affected pulls me back to my senses. I hurt when they hurt… and majority of the time if feels like for one reason or another they’re always hurting. Sometimes it’s hard to remain optimistic. At the moment I’m focusing on my legal career… that and writing are providing me an escape…
      Thank you for your kind words M. Hugs.


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