Children; who will protect them? Part 4

She went to great pains explaining to mom how she ran away from home because she felt her parents hated her. Upon mom’s enquiry as to when all that started, she said she started drinking excessively and dating girls when she was thirteen. That young age had the cogs in my head turning…

While some people may argue childhood is a social construct, depending on when different communities deem a person is no longer a child, I associate myself with the provisions of Article 1 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which gives the legal definition of a child as, a human being under the age of eighteen.

At thirteen this young lady was only a child, right in her first year of teenagehood. While she may have already formed her own perception of things generally, and her particular tastes and preferences defined, any parental guidance at that point in time would have, in my opinion, bore more fruits. Had anyone paid more attention to her, so much could have been resolved. Now at 27, whatever damage that could have been done is arguably done. Consequently, the only way forward is healing.

Her aunt told mom she had suggested her niece goes to rehab, but the niece had refused vehemently. I couldn’t blame her. While her alcoholism may be deemed an ill that requires fixing, to her it is a coping mechanism. Therefore, in my thinking, the particular problem that needs to be addressed is why she drinks. Chances are, when that problem is fixed, she will, hopefully, on her own volition quit drinking.

On that same note, I found it very inappropriate for the aunt to be suggesting ‘going for prayers’ as the solution to her niece’s problems. Granted, as a Christian I understand where she was coming from because most of the time I believe prayers will fix everything.

However, for someone going through an emotional crisis, prayers might not feel appealing at all. In any case, when someone is down in the dumps, struggling with a certain issue, the first thought going on in their mind is, ‘God has deserted me’. Truth is, it is really hard to pray when one’s faith has faltered.

Maybe the aunt thought prayers would turn her gay niece straight, but then again, that is also a wrong approach in my thinking. It is true, prayers bring about miracles; but in this case, the million dollar question is, is homosexuality a problem that needs fixing?


3 thoughts on “Children; who will protect them? Part 4

  1. Looking for the Light

    She really needs therapy or rehab. Rehab is the quickest way to some change, it doesn’t mean she’ll come out not drinking but if she drinks again she will have learned some coping skills tohelp her resist. I strongly suggest therapy, it has saved my life. 🙂

    1. alygeorges Post author

      Hey M, I hope you’ve been ok. I’m so sorry for the long silence. Things have been pretty hectic on this end.
      I gather she’s opposed to rehab because it’s like admitting she has a drinking problem, yet her drinking is triggered by her emotional wounds… Like you’ve said, I also think therapy would be a good place to start; because even if her family continues to shun her, she will have the peace of mind to forge her own path, free from all the negativity.
      Thank you for always reading my posts, and for your continued guidance. I really appreciate it. I send you so much love.

      1. Looking for the Light

        I walked a traumatic road and know the pain. I probably drank and did drugs because fo the pain. Getting her into therapy will be easier than rehab. Or this is a big one but have her go to an AA meeting. Let her hear others peoples problems and how many of those problems are relaated to drinking. Maybe her mother, or you could go with. It’s a lot to ask but she needs an intervention. This might open her eyes without someone telling her what to do. It may scare the crap out of her.

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