The God of Impossibilities: Part 2

The story of Sarah is a perfect example of how God is a God of impossibilities. In our finite minds we despair, when what we seek seems to take forever to be granted. Nonetheless, what we need to do from the aforementioned example is to pray with steadfast faith, because God listens. He may tell us ‘NO’, but that is only because in His infinite wisdom He knows whatever we’re asking for would bring us more harm than good.

In Luke 11: 1-13, Jesus teaches His disciples how to pray. In a nutshell, He teaches them how to say the “Our Father” prayer, which is a simple, but all inclusive prayer. Furthermore, He encourages the disciples to ‘Seek, Knock and Ask’, saying, “For everyone who asks will receive, and He who seeks will find, and the door will be opened to anyone who knocks”.

Sometimes praying becomes monotonous, and we end up reciting prayers, instead of praying. Speaking from the perspective of a Catholic, most of our prayers are structured, such that there are specific prayers for varying issues. This, I have noticed over time, puts someone in a position where they are saying prayer, but not necessarily praying. There’s a clear distinction between those two.

From experience, I find the best way of praying is to meditate on those structured prayers, and where one finds difficulty in praying, they should just imagine they’re having a one-on-one conversation with God. Talk to Him like He’s seated right in front of you. That usually helps one find the motivation to pray.

CeCe Winans’ song, ‘Believe for it’, pumps me up with the need to wait on the Lord, because though we’re discouraged, feeling like our situation is just impossible to deal with, her words are a reminder that nothing is impossible to God; because ‘From the impossible, we’ll see a miracle’.

Here’s an excerpt of the song’s lyrics:

They say this mountain can’t be moved

They say these chains will never break

But they don’t know You like we do

There is power in Your name

We’ve heard that there is no way through

We’ve heard that the tide will never change

They haven’t seen what You can do

There is power in Your name

So much power in Your name

Move the immovable

Break the unbreakable

God, we believe for it

From the impossible

We’ll see a miracle

God, we believe

God we believe for it

In my understanding, God is infinitely wise, and kind. He grants us our requests, out of His infinite goodness. Sometimes we may get a ‘NO’ from Him, because our desires are not aligned with His good intentions for us; and sometimes, He tells us ‘WAIT’, because though He intends to grant us that which we desire, the timing might be off.

In light of this, we need to keep praying, because praying opens our eyes of faith. The more we pray, the more we realize what God’s intentions for us are. Furthermore, seeing as Jesus told us to seek, knock and ask, praying opens the doors of God’s mercy. That is why Jesus said, “For everyone who asks will receive, and He who seeks will find, and the door will be opened to anyone who knocks”.


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