9th Blogaversary!

9th Blog Anniversary

On this day, nine years ago, this blog was created. Time really flies… It’s unbelievable! I’m just feeling super ecstatic! When I made the decision to start this blog, I had so much going on in my head. I’d been slipping in and out of depression with ease, that I feared that was the only life I’d ever know. It was a scary place to be in.

At the time I felt alone, and writing offered me an escape. It helped unclog my mind. Then it occurred to me, that I wasn’t the only one feeling lost in my own troubled mind; and I thought, if I shared my thoughts with people going through similar experiences, they would realize they were not alone, and that would help them fight the depressive thoughts. That still remains my desire.

I see/hear very many stories of people who are taking their own lives everyday, and I feel awfully sad. No one should be in a position where they feel so alone, that suicide feels like the only option. On this blogosphere, I have read numerous stories that have uplifted me; stories that have made me realize that my problems are not unique. Most of us are sailing in the same boat, and it’s only by sharing our experiences that we realize, we’re not alone.

Like I’ve said previously, I find writing very therapeutic; whether I’m writing about some experience I had, or just my thoughts on a certain issue… and the thought that there are actual people reading my posts makes this blogging so much fun.

WordPress Achievement

I’m so grateful for all the likes, the comments, and the views. I never take any of that for granted. Thank you so much for your continued support, because without readers, I’d be too unmotivated to write. So as I celebrate this beautiful milestone, my profound gratitude goes to you all; my wonderful readers. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “9th Blogaversary!

  1. Renard Moreau

    🙂 A happy ninth blogging anniversary to you.

    You should be very proud of yourself because there are not many bloggers who make it that long on WordPress.

    1. alygeorges Post author

      Thank you so much M. 🙂 We’ve really come along way. I’m so happy and honoured to have made a great friend like you. You inspire me every day.
      I send you so many warm hugs.


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