Year 2021 is Almost Gone: Part 2

Seeing as dad has this deplorable habit of throwing us under the bus whenever he messes up and he’s subsequently called to account for his actions, mom just decided to be honest about it. “I’m sorry you have to hear this from me, but lately your brother has become a pathological liar,” she told him point blank.

Weirdly, he did not sound surprised, because he could relate with what mom was telling him. In any case, he told mom he and their sister had forbidden dad from calling them when drunk because he was just saying hurtful things. Before calling mom, he’d called dad to ask him why he never went to visit their mom as had been agreed, and that’s when dad had decided to flagrantly pin the blame on us.

By the time dad was showing up on Christmas day, we were all feeling betrayed by him, and given how he’d been avoiding us, we had not thought he would come. I can almost bet he gets riled up when he sees us happy because from the moment he set foot in the house, he was just saying offensive things, being all morbid and stuff.

He was literally doing the count down to the end of Christmas. Every time he’d be like, “It’s three hours to midnight, Christmas is almost over… let’s celebrate, because calamities are coming!” Up until now I’m trying to figure what he meant by that and it gives me the chills.

This year the Christmas Spirit was markedly elusive in my family. We didn’t put up the Christmas decorations until Christmas Eve… and even when we did, it felt like we were doing it out of obligation, as opposed to it being a cherished family tradition, where we do it with Christmas carols playing in the background.

Growing up, I’ve always loved the Christmas season, because even though our Christmases have always been marred by violence, there’s that joyful atmosphere that makes even sad moments feel less daunting… they scud away easily like dark clouds on a sunny day, so they don’t linger.

Nonetheless, it was different this year. The joyful feeling did not make an appearance, even pro tem. We enjoyed the scrumptious food that was eaten with dad’s sarcastic barbs reverberating across the room… He did all the talking while the rest of us listened painfully. We were trying to spend time together but he just couldn’t help sabotaging it.

At around 10.00pm in the evening mom had gotten tired of listening to his snide monologues, and when she asked him to give it a rest, he erupted… and so did she. Like it’s always been every Christmas, they ended up arguing. My sisters and I retired to our rooms, leaving them to shout their hearts out.

Unlike the younger version of me, who was scared of Christmas ending because that signified the end of the much awaited festivities, I was actually happy the day was over. That way I wouldn’t put myself under the pressure of pretending to be happy and purporting to celebrate, when I was awash with dejection.

Boxing Day was just another boring day in our house. There was nothing festive about it, other than the food, which wasn’t enough to conjure up the Christmas Spirit all on its own. We’re definitely thankful for the food, and for good health, which is a treasure… All I’m saying is, like last year, I’m still thinking Pentatonix must have been singing about my family when they sang, “Where are you Christmas?”

On 27th dad went back and even though Christmas is over, we’ve been trying to salvage the situation, listening to carols and enjoying the peace and quiet afforded to us by his absence. Now we’re staring at the last two days before we bid adieu to Year 2021, and usher in the New Year.

A couple of months ago, or so it feels, this year started. Most of us entered into it with so much trepidation, especially after being assaulted by the novel Corona virus in 2020. Very many activities had almost ground to a halt, and it was because of that intense fear of the unknown that this year was laced with so many uncertainties, for most of us at least.

As we do the countdown to the New Year, it’s good to look back and see what we’re grateful for so far. From experience, it’s hard to be happy when there’s so much sadness around you. Nonetheless, I usually encourage people to look at their circumstances, not through the eyes of happy and content people, but through the eyes of those in need.

It’s easy to disregard a plate of food, if you’ve never gone hungry… It’s easy to disregard a roof over your head, if you’ve never been homeless… Some people rarely get sick, so they don’t realise monetary wealth is nothing without good health. These are the simple things we need to be thankful for.

You may be feeling discouraged for unachieved resolutions… but counting the small blessings helps us realise how lucky we are… for tomorrow, and those unachieved dreams, I like to believe God’s got it all under control… Just put your trust beyond the sky…

As we wrap up the year, I wish you all a blessed end of year, and a very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2022!

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