What do you want?

Half of the time we walk around…going through life, fumbling…uncertain of what we want. Do I want to go to law school? Do I want to write? Sometimes we have everything we want…but we don’t realize it…so we go through life, searching… and searching for that perfect thing…perfect job…perfect partner…perfect house… perfect family…

Question is, what d’you want? Second question is, is there such a thing as ‘Perfect’? Earlier today, my small sis and I were talking about happiness and success… which of the two would you pick? She picked happiness…then, being the ‘devil’s’ advocate, I told her it’s hard to be happy when you’re hungry… I mean, we should know that better…hunger has been the one constant thing in our life. Smh!

So agreeing with me, she rephrased her earlier statement. “I’d want just enough, to enable me to be happy”. I couldn’t agree with her more. Sometimes we get derailed by thoughts of grandeur… so much, that we become blind to the beautiful things happening around us.

A short while ago we were watching the movie ‘Permission’, starring Dan Stevens, Jason Sudeikis… It’s about a man (Will), who wants to propose to his college girlfriend (Anna), but on the night he intends to propose, he is discouraged from doing so by Annna’s brother and his partner. They suggest that Anna should try dating other men before she finally agrees to be tied to Will in nuptials.

Will seems reluctant because he is sure he loves Anna. She, on the other hand, is open to trying out new relations. The movie focuses primarily on these two trying to date different people, while they are still together. Sometimes, the focus shifts to Anna’s brother (Hale), who desperately wants to have a child but his partner (Reece) is opposed to the idea.

Towards the end of the movie, Will realizes he loves Anna and does not want to lose her. Therefore mastering enough courage, which he did not have at the start of the movie, he goes down on one knee and pops the question. Unlike the first time when they were in Hale and Reece’s company, this time they’re alone. Anna says yes, but later in the night, she changes her mind and retracts her acceptance.

Hale on the other hand, realises that while he loves Reece, he cannot continue being in a relationship with him because they clearly have different desires. He wants a child but his life partner won’t support him. Eventually he packs his clothes and leaves.

At the end of the movie a dejected Will is left alone in the house he had personally constructed for himself and Anna, as she sets out on her quest to find her happiness. Hale and Reece go their separate ways. I did not like the movie’s ending because it did not have the proverbial ‘happily ever after’…

However, it is a reminder that such is life. We do not always have everything figured out, and even when we do, we don’t always get it. As I watched the movie, one thing stood out: sometimes we spend so much time, trying to find that perfect thing… that perfect moment… those perfect words… For instance, at the start of the movie, Will knew what he wanted; to propose to Anna, but he was too nervous.

I’m thinking, if he had followed his gut then, and made that proposal, he would have known then, if she wanted to be with him or not. Furthermore, his woes began when their friends suggested they try dating other people before settling down.

In my humble opinion, the company we keep is crucial. Sometimes our friends/family mislead us unknowingly, therefore we have to be strong enough to stand by what we want, even if they do not agree with it. If one knows what they want, they should be ready to fight for it even if means they will swim against the tide.

Furthermore, we need to appreciate the things we have and the people in our lives, so we can treat them with the love and care they deserve. Sometimes we take them for granted, waiting for the ‘perfect’ ones to come along, until we find ourselves at the verge of losing them.

That’s when we realize just how much they mean to us, and ‘perfect’ is pretty much a figment of our imagination. In essence, what we need to do is to figure out what we want… and once we identify it, we should fight for it, no matter the odds.

4 thoughts on “What do you want?

  1. Looking for the Light

    I believe theri is only one perfect, Jesus. Life on the other hand is and will never be perfect. We change, we don’t know what we want and sometime we’re just to shallow to focus on the right things. I was very gulty when I was younger, focused on the shallow….stuff, more stuff, only what money could buy. I had all of that a moe and was unhappy. Got a divorce, lost evrything. then met another man, feel in love and now have what I need. Love and comiment. God has blessed us with a good life and my expectation of what I wan tis very different. It’s towards the future. retirement, life fter working and being able to live a good life later in life. Now things I took for granted are the most important and i think that is why I’m happy in life. I also think we need to dream of nicer or bigger but that’s the icing on the cake. As I say all the time, and you will understand this because you like Joel too, is everything above what we need is favor. I look at the smallest things as favor and sometimes the favor is bigger than others. My expectations are very different at 57 than at 38. I hope you are well and COVID isn’t impacted your life to much. Take care.

    1. alygeorges Post author

      Hey M, that’s true. Only Jesus is perfect, and it’s only by seeking His guidance that we can be truly happy in life. As you’ve rightly said, everything changes but He remains the same. Always loving us in spite of our human weaknesses. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

      I’m doing ok, just praying for better days because Covid has really altered many things. I hope you and your loved ones are well and safe too. In Jesus’ name this pandemic shall pass.

      1. Looking for the Light

        I try to keep in mind things like this and worse has happened sinc ehte bigginging of time and how we come out on the other side determines what our life will be like. We can get defeted or we can stand stron knowing there is light, it may be way down the road and seem very dark at times but we will get there. I know it must be very hard for you, starting your life out so strong then this happens but there are lessons to be learned and I knwo you’ll be a much stronger person when you get ot take the next steps. You grow stronger every day.

      2. alygeorges Post author

        Thank you so much for the encouragement M. I hope you’ve been enjoying the holidays.

        As we wait to usher in the New Year, I wish you a very happy, and blessed year 2021. May our merciful God keep you in good health of body and mind. May He fill each of your days with joy, love, and peace.
        I send you many warm hugs.

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