Christians, are we? Part 1

Last Sunday but one during mass the priest gave a homily that had me thinking an awful lot. It was about people who are forever saying, “I’m saved”. You ask them what that means and they’ll be like, “I was a sinner but Jesus saved me.” So first of all, what comes to mind is, man is inherently a sinner. No one is sin-free on this earth, and that’s why Jesus died to save us from eternal damnation. So when someone says they were once sinners but are now saved, one imagines they are no longer sinners.

However, there’s another way of looking at it. One was leading a life of sin, but they let Jesus into their hearts, thus choosing to turn over a new leaf; abandoning their sinful ways. This means that one acknowledges the fact that they are sinners, but they chose to let God into their hearts, meaning everyday they get out of bed they strive to live a life that’s principally pleasing to God.

The Priest went on to say that some of these people treat everyone else like sinners because they consider themselves sinless. If you asked them they would tell you they no longer live on this earth but on some realm that exists between Heaven and Earth –wherever that is.

Now from what I gathered, the Priest’s qualms was that during the day these saved ones will be pretending to lead saintly lives but in the dark, they will drop those façades, indulging in the most despicable of ways. Additionally, if one gets a chance to snoop into their bags they will find all sorts of charms; you ask them what those are, and they will flagrantly tell you, “That’s my protection”.

So the million dollar question is, “What kind of Christians are those?” That is if they’re Christians to begin with.

As the priest delivered the homily, my mind drifted to one woman; my father’s mother. Up until two weeks ago, I used to call her granny, not because she revelled in the respectful title, but because, unlike my dad and his siblings, I couldn’t bear to call the woman who birthed my father by her actual name. The thought of it is just preposterous. It reeks of disrespect to say the least. So even though she detests it, my sisters and I insisted on calling her granny.

However, about three weeks ago, she visited and what ensued had me, in my God-given wisdom, deciding I wouldn’t call her granny again; and this time round it had nothing to do with her refusing the title. My sisters and I figured, a woman who acted as she did didn’t deserve such a respectful name.

I realized that all this while we’ve been according her so much respect, yet all we are to her are just impecunious daughters of a daughter-in-law she loathes to the core, simply because she (mom) came from a very humble background.

I tried comprehending how a woman of her age would act in such a manner; and the only feasible explanation, or the mere semblance of it that came to mind was the embodiment of wickedness. As I can’t call her by her name, I’ll just stick to calling her ‘dad’s mother’, because the name ‘granny/grams’…etc. bespeaks love, and affection; none of which I feel for that woman.

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