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My brother’s keeper: Part 2

One thing I know is that the forbidden fruit is perceived to be very tempting and really sweet. It’s common knowledge that what we can’t have feels even more alluring. That’s why men will be so tempted to sleep with women who are not their wives and vice-versa.

It’s also the same for priests. When they choose to become priests they also give up their chances to ever partake of sex. But is there any physical procedure they undergo to rid them of any carnal desires? None, whatsoever. They’re just men, driven by their desire to serve God; but as we know, every once in a while they, like any other normal human beings will bump into temptation; and sometimes they will falter.

It would be hypocritical of us to go blaming them, when even the same men/women we get involved with can’t seem to be faithful. Priests are not wired any different from other men. It just means that they’re required to practice more self-control.

That brings me to another point. Married couples are deemed to be off limits. In that same light, priests are off limits. They’re God’s servants. The minute a woman willingly gives herself to any one of them, she steals from God; what He picked for Himself. I believe it’s our duty to keep these men of God on track.

Personally, I have met very hot priests; those who make one feel like sleeping with them would be the right kind of wrong. In some cases, I’ve even found myself starring at some, thinking, “Did you really have to be a priest?” I would be seriously lying if I said I’ve never crushed on a priest. But at the same time, I know it’s wrong to even contemplate getting physical with them.

I think of them as those guys who just ooze charm and inspire all kinds of erotic thoughts, only for one to find out later they’re so married or gay; so close, yet out of reach. The hot dreams we must squash.

I’ve thought a lot about this scandal in our church. I’ve even tried walking a mile in those women’s shoes. I can’t blame them for getting involved with the priest-if those allegations are true in the first place.

I remember this one time in our church in 2013. We had a Christmas cantata and when our youth choir was at the front bringing down the house with amazing carols, I felt someone sit next to me on the pew and one thing that got me was the stunning fragrance. I didn’t have to look to know it was a guy. The scent was just expensive and divine.

Unable to overcome my curiosity, I turned to look at him. Shock on me, it was the priest. I must admit a part of me was awfully disappointed. That was the first time I saw him not in his vestments. He was in a casual chequered shirt, which he’d worn untucked. That evening he looked like the young handsome man he was. Did I mention he looked sizzling hot?

Since my family and I always say hi whenever we bump into him, that day I held my hand out in greeting. He seemed genuinely happy to see me. With his right leg’s ankle resting on his left knee, and his head resting against his arm that was propped up on the headrest behind us, he ecstatically asked if I was enjoying the songs. I didn’t get what he was asking as the music streaming in through the speakers was too loud.

Maybe it was the endorphins in my system that had me seeing things, but I could have sworn when I leaned in to hear what he was saying, it was by God’s grace our lips didn’t touch. My sisters, who had gone out to buy water came in shortly after and the rest of the evening went by quickly; I guess it was because I was enjoying the music too much. We excused ourselves and after thanking him for organizing the cantata, which had turned out great, we left.

When we got home that evening I just told my sisters, “If he wasn’t a priest, he wouldn’t have any problem finding himself a woman ‘cause he is quite a charmer”. It took a while before that dazed feeling left me.

With that experience in mind, I wouldn’t dare blame any of the said women, if it is indeed true they were reeled in by his charm. I know for me it took strength to not fall for him. However, I would advise anyone who falls for a priest or nun (anyone who has vowed to spend their life serving God) to practice self – control for both their sakes.

If they can’t fight the temptation, it is our duty to help them. Last I checked, once someone takes those priestly vows, they’re priests forever in the priestly order of Melchizedek (Hebrews 7:17). So however we desire them, those are God’s servants, whom He handpicked. We can’t help it if they commit other mistakes, but something sexual? That’s a two way street; takes two to tango, right?

Where consent is involved, the consenting adult should be able to say no because those men and women? They are not ours to play with. Their fate was long decided when they chose to walk down that path. All we can do is just pray for them and help them stay on track.

I have no idea how this scandal in our church is going to end, but for what it’s worth, I believe all these allegations (most of them at least) are just a devious conspiracy by a misguided priest and church members to sink another priest, just so they can get power and embezzle church funds. That’s just wrong, and simply put, plain evil! But God -the ultimate judge- is watching…


My brother’s keeper: Part 1

The world is just full of hypocrisy. Every time I look around I just can’t help but wonder what is going on. I know in previous posts I’ve light-heartedly said hell is empty, but what I’m seeing and hearing makes me feel like we’re in hell or something…or in a twilight zone of some sought, where there’s something evil happening in every waking moment.

In my previous post I wrote about this scandal in my church, where two priests have been involved in some really ship-sinking feud; it’s alleged that one of them conspired with some wicked members of the church to besmirch the other’s name, so he would be made head of the church when the other one, who’s the priest in-charge, was banished from the church; if his devious plan went as he had planned.

Pardon me if I can’t seem to stop ranting about that stuff; it’s just that it’s really bugging me. See, I’m being bothered by this issue for the following reasons:

Firstly, the feud has left many dark secrets exposed in its wake; things I never imagined could take place in a church. Allegedly, the priest on the hot seat has been using black magic. That just leaves me wondering how low some people could stoop in an attempt to ruin other people’s lives.

Personally, I’ve interacted with the said priest and I could bet all my money that he’s innocent. However, I can’t say the same for the one accusing him. I’ve always had some suspicions about the way he conducts mass and all and the things he says, so that kinda leaves me wondering if he is accusing the other one of the same things he is guilty of.

Secondly, there are allegations that the priest has sired children with some women in the church. The cherry on top in that heaping bowl of accusations is the fact that the priests’ chef- a woman- has come out saying she’s rolled in the hay with him a couple of times… and therein, lies the problem.

I can’t even start defending him on that one, given that I wouldn’t know the slightest thing about what he does when he’s not in church; plus he’s a man with fully functional hormones and sexual urges like any normal man. Maybe he’s guilty…maybe he’s not.

However, I seem to find an issue with all the women who allege they’ve been involved sexually with the priest. For starters, none of them has insinuated they were taken against their will and none of them is below the age of majority, meaning they’re all consenting adults, who knew what they were getting themselves in; if the allegations are true. If there was the slightest possibility they were assaulted or raped, even I would be crazy to fault them.

From what I gather though, some of them were even fighting for him and he was the one pushing them away. If there’s any truth in that, anyone would say the women didn’t get entangled in those sexual shenanigans under duress. It was all consensual.

The worst of them is the chef, who seems unashamed when she says she’s been under the priest a couple of times. If I must say, I am not oblivious to the fact that in some similar cases, the culprits, after sexually assaulting their victims, try to pin the blame on them, alleging the victims consented or they even threw themselves at them. Therefore, the thought crossed my mind. Nonetheless, these seem to be cases of a few women who couldn’t resist the priest’s charm.

Again, I must emphasize that all these are matters which are being investigated so some of these allegations are yet to be confirmed.

This issue has had me thinking a lot. Generally speaking, husbands cheat on their wives and vice-versa, so why is it such a big deal when a priest sleeps with a woman (men)? Isn’t it hypocritical that the same people who break their marital vows are usually the ones on the front row castigating priests for breaking their vows to be celibate? The way I see it, there’s no greater sinner. In any case it’s the same ole, same ole pot/kettle syndrome.

Moreover, we’re tasked with being our brothers’ keepers. This we learn from the story of Abel and Cain. (Genesis 4:9) When God asked Cain where his brother was, after he’d killed him, he replied, “I don’t know. I’m I supposed to be my brother’s keeper?” We’re discouraged from being like Cain.

It’s our responsibility to keep these men of God on track. Granted, we may not be able to help with everything, but where we can, if we don’t (from a Christian’s perspective) I’m of the opinion God will ask questions.

From Cain’s encounter with God, I’m thinking the conversation will be something like this, “Did you know he was a priest?”

“I did, but he came onto me”.

Then God will ask, “What did you do to stop him? Did you stop visiting his house late in the night? Or did you stop sending him those erotic messages?”

God knows our sins to the tiniest, almost non-existent dirty thoughts in our minds so I’m thinking He will be well prepped for that interrogation; and woe unto us, if all we did was wear low-cut tops in the hope of enticing His servants with voluptuous boobs and those stupefying cleavages, backed up by the come-get-me naughty lip biting…worse still, if we entertained any hanky panky, making them break their vow to be forever celibate.