alygeorges (memoirs of aly) turns two!

blog anniversary 2nd

Two years ago, on a day like today this beautiful blog was created. I vividly remember that beautiful evening. I had been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a while but somehow I seemed to have more than enough excuses – which felt like genuine reasons at the time- as to why I couldn’t start a blog.

One of the greatest hurdles I had to jump, and with so much effort at that, was the idea of me sharing my life experiences with the whole world. I have always been a private person and the idea of laying out my life stories for all and sundry to see didn’t seem appealing one bit. Everytime I decided to immerse myself into the vast blogosphere, I’d go all anxious and so I’d stall…

Eventually, on 8th May 2013, I found my strength. I just logged into WordPress and without giving my ever unruly anxiety time to discourage me from taking that leap, I created my blog. One thing I was sure of, was that I wanted to use my site to offer encouragement to all who would stop by…and somehow, that felt like it would be a daunting task because even I, sometimes run out of psyche; especially when I’m dealing with problems of my own.

As it is though, when one shares a stressing issue with someone, they realize that the burden feels lighter. Furthermore, from interacting with people on this site, I’ve slowly realized that sometimes the issues I find awfully depressing are nothing compared to what some other people go through.

Therefore, even in my endeavour to inspire my readers through giving my own personal experiences and reflective bits from songs, movies, Holy Scriptures, other people’s experiences…etc. I have also received my own share of encouragement, and for that I’m so grateful.

Sometimes I’m reminded of this saying I heard years ago, ‘We’re all sailing in the same boat, only that others are in different parts of the boat’. Simply put, we all go through difficult moments and even when we feel like our problems are unique, once we share them with others we realize that they ain’t unique at all. This blog has helped me confirm that.

For instance, I used to think this anxiety I struggle with was something so unique. However, I’ve been proved so wrong because everytime I look around I’ll find someone talking about their own anxiety. So now I know I’m just another person struggling with anxiety. In a way, I feel comforted to know that I’m not alone in this.

That’s just one of numerous examples.

As I write each post, I always question what I want readers to get from it; and everytime I’ll find myself hoping that in a way I’ll reach out to someone somewhere; if only to make them feel that they’re not alone in this vast, callous world. That is where I derive my strength to keep this blog going.

For the past couple of months though, I haven’t been able to post much because school has been taking up all my time and I sincerely apologize to my ardent readers for that. However, I intend to remain true to my objective- to encourage and remind all those who stop by that the problems we go through are just a passing cloud and that there’s more to life than just resigning ourselves to misery.

As we know, writing is a two way thing. It’s a fact that a writer/blogger wouldn’t have much to pride themselves in if the pieces they wrote didn’t have anyone to read them. The feedback may not always be positive, but anyone who puts their work out there knows it’s subject to public scrutiny; and that’s ok. On that note I send my profound gratitude to all those who stop by because my blog wouldn’t be turning two today if I didn’t have you to read my posts. Thank you so much.

blog 2nd anniversary

In the spirit of encouragement I’ll share this quote by Martin Luther King Jr., ‘If you can’t fly, then run; if you can’t run, then walk; if you can’t walk, then crawl; but whatever you do, keep moving’. However tough things feel, always keep these words in my mind.


3 thoughts on “alygeorges (memoirs of aly) turns two!

  1. Looking for the Light

    Congrats on two years. I have no doubt you’ve helped many people. I love the Martin Luther quote- I need to put where I see it everyday. Positive affirmation can always help.
    Take care of yourself.


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