Everyone’s doing it

everyone's doing it

Sometimes I get the impression many people engage in coitus for all the wrong reasons. Some teenagers/ young kids do it because their friends are doing it and they wouldn’t want to feel like the odd ones out; married people, who partake of ‘side dishes’, on the other hand feel like it’s legal to cheat on their spouses because everyone else is doing it.

From a religious point of view, sex is considered good only if one is in a union which has been solemnized before God. This basically means that all the ‘romping’ done with someone who one is not married to is considered a transgression; and the worst kind for that matter.

St. Paul, in his letter to the Corinthians says the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The minute we decide to sully that temple by fornicating (biblical description of premarital sex) and adultery (extra-marital affairs), we chase the Holy Spirit away as He can’t dwell in an unholy place.

Of all the sins committed, this kind of sinning, basically referred to as immorality is the worst of all, because unlike all the other sins done outside the body, this one is done inside the body and violates the sanctity of the body.

My priest this past Sunday was saying during the homily, “When couples come to me for counselling because their marriages are falling apart as a result of one of the spouses cheating, one of the reasons they give for it is ‘Fr., everyone’s doing it’.”

He paused momentarily before continuing, “Everyone’s doing it? My foot! So you decide you want to go to hell because everyone else is? And when your marriage is collapsing, you don’t go to everyone for help, why? And who is everyone?” He seemed pretty agitated if you ask me…and for good reason, in my opinion.

Sex has become meaningless. Once upon a time it used to be treated as the ultimate expression of love, but nowadays if a student wants good grades in school they will trade in some favours with the professors; if someone wants to get a permanent job after interning, they sleep with the honcho…sex has been reduced to a mere currency.

I don’t mean to be a party pooper but really, when someone is sleeping around with ‘everyone’, where does that leave God? Nowadays parents are even afraid to instil in their children the same values their parents did; they’re afraid of telling them sex before marriage is wrong.

It doesn’t matter if everyone’s doing it. The same God who outlawed fornication and adultery thousands of years ago is the same one, who still reigns today, and who still maintains it’s wrong. So it doesn’t matter if we dupe ourselves into believing that because everyone’s doing it, it’s ok.

God has wiped out cities in the past. That should tell us something; it doesn’t matter if we sin as a community, or as individuals. Once He starts punishing us, He doesn’t spare anyone; and there would be no hole deep enough for one to crawl into to escape His wrath. He is Omniscient.

If you’re doing something, don’t do it because everyone’s doing it; do it for a valid reason; a reason you could justifiably defend if anyone asked.



5 thoughts on “Everyone’s doing it

  1. live2laugh4love

    Wow! That is what I have to say. Wow, wow, wow! I mean come on, I am from an Apostolic Church and I have not heard it so plainly said as how you just broke it out. Thank you for speaking your heart, you always do and it always touches me. 🙂

    1. alygeorges Post author

      Hi, I’m so sorry I’m taking forever to reply to comments, and this one particularly. I rarely blog nowadays, and when I get the chance it’s those few guilty pleasure breaks between school assignments. I hope you understand.
      I also hope you’ve been well.
      Thank you for the beautiful comment. Sometimes when I publish a post which might feel controversial to some people, I just pray that all who read it get the underlying message because after all, my desire it to encourage; to empower and motivate all those who visit my blog. I’m so honoured you felt it was a good one; thank you. I feel so inspired right now. 🙂

      1. live2laugh4love

        I completely understand, it is so hard sometimes to find time to write. I love reading your blog there is always, always something worth reading. I find myself going away with much to think about and never do I feel let down or that you have gone to far. Empowered and Motivated is a perfect way to put it! Thank you for always sharing 😀

      2. alygeorges Post author

        Hi, how’ve you been? Thank you so much for understanding. I always find myself trying to squeeze in a little time to write but lately things have been a little tight. Time feels so scarce nowadays.
        I’m so honoured you have all these nice things to say about my blog.
        Thank you so much. 🙂
        Hugs. 🙂

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