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Very inspiring blogger Award 3

I want to start off by sending my sincere apologies to the lovely lady, Anna Kedi, who nominated me for this beautiful award a few months ago. I meant to work on it a while back but I have been so tied up with school work. That is also the reason I haven’t been blogging a lot lately. I would also like to apologize to my readers, who I may have inconvenienced in one way or another for failing to post regularly.

For the duration I have been blogging on WordPress I have interacted with very many people, who I have grown so fond of; so even while I’m not on here I’m always thinking of you. This blog wouldn’t be what it is without your continued support.

Now back to the nomination. I’m so humbled by Anna S. Kedi’s nomination, because the main reason I blog is to inspire/motivate all those who stop by. This beautiful award is yet another reminder that in a way I’m achieving my objective. Thank you so much Anna.

Follow her blog, labiblioafronebrulepas, where she gives an insight into Africa, through its books, history and music.


  1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Seven Facts About Me:

A few months ago I was nominated for this same award, Very Inspiring Blogger, and as I believe I’m still the same as I was then, I’m sharing the facts I did in the previous post. So here goes:

I’m a sporty person and at the moment inline skating is my favourite sport.

I love attending mass because for me going to church is not just part of a routine but a major source of strength.

It saddens me when I see someone in need and can’t do anything to help them, especially when what they desire is beyond me.

I love animal products so much; you know beef, drumsticks, yoghurt, etc. but everytime I see an animal being mistreated I contemplate going the vegan way. Sometimes I feel some people forget animals have feelings too and therefore need to be treated with care.

I like to think of myself as a nocturnal because I am more active at night than I am during the day.

I looked up the definition of an introvert on Google, and it turns out I fit the description perfectly.

Watching movies is one of my favourite pastimes, but horror movies are my worst.

My list of inspiring Nominees:

Looking for the light – She is a resilient woman who struggles with Bipolar Disorder and the anxiety it brings. She is also an abuse survivor. Follow her blog, where she talks about very touching and inspiring issues.

Victo dolore – her intent is to write and post at least once a day, covering topics ranging from motherhood, medicine, and life in general.

Just a dad–he’s a dad with many questions, who enjoys watching movies with kids and as it is, questions arise from some of the plot holes. He started his blog to find like-minded people who analyse movies critically like he does. Follow his blog to read his intriguing/ thought-provoking questions.

lifelovestress – she describes herself as an average girl, hoping to make a difference in this crazy world.

poeticallyspoken –Monique, is an inspirational Poet/Writer/Songwriter, who enjoys telling her life stories through Poems. Follow her blog to read her beautiful poems.

the vintage couple – Jason and Aisha are a beautiful Christian couple who complete each other. On their blog they share their experiences and testimonies, hoping to interact with like-minded people.

Kiwipaul’spoetry – Paul says, in his site you will find a variety of posts;  some uplifting others not so.  They are however all words from his heart; a pretty genuine reflection of his world and how he sees it.  He hopes that there is something in it for everyone that makes some sense, inspires, comforts or challenges us.

Ms tranquility – She started her blog to share her thoughts and feelings in poetry form. She describes herself as a heart-centred person and most of what she writes is based around love….but, she is also quite random so you may find a humorous post, or videos of music that move her, or even an erotic poem here and there…

Meredith – Follow her blog to read her insightful and uplifting musings, which she writes from the heart.

InfiniteZip – She dreamt of lavender fields, bodies entwined in grasses below a warm summer sun…these are the writings fed through dreams for your pleasure. Follow her blog to get more.

julxrp – Julian Pereira says his blog is just a way for him to put his thoughts and two cents into whatever is on his mind at the time; for everyone to see…

patrice says hers is to make art beautiful; a living art created within her mind and expressed by her hand. This is her purpose in this life.

live2laugh4love – She says, every moment is a gift and asks, “How are you going to use your gift?”
She further says, “Live like there are no tomorrows. Laugh as if you have all the joy. Love like you have all the love in the world.”

Dreeming Demon – Dimantha says explaining his blog is kinda tough, since he posts almost every random thought that comes to his mind. He defines his site as a cross section of his wandering mind.

Emily Rose Lewis describes herself as ‘work in progress’, since she knows that she is still growing into the full knowledge of the truth. Often when she writes it helps her sort through her emotions. She gleans spiritual insight through the parables that play out in her everyday life. Writing brings deeper revelation about who God is and how she is to be in this world as Christ was.

Given that I could only nominate fifteen blogs, I feel I’ve left out so many inspiring blogs. Therefore, I dedicate this award to all the blogs I read because I realized every writer inspires in their own unique way.


Because she is a woman

gender inequality

I’ve often wondered, what it is about a woman that makes her prone to trouble; just how many undesirable things has a woman gone through and the only excuse given for her woes is, “she’s a woman”…

The other day, when I was leaving class, a friend called me. Apparently she and another guy were involved in a heated debate on the appropriateness of wife battery. My friend, a girl, was of the opinion that it is unlawful and generally unacceptable for a man to hit a woman while the guy thought it was completely alright to lay a hand on her, in the name of ‘discipline’.

“What’s up?” I asked her when I got to them.

“He thinks it’s ok to hit a woman,” she replied, “What’s your take on the matter?”

First I was taken aback. The guy, from my observation, is slightly younger than me. So that thought alone had me perplexed, because some hopeful part of me had imagined wife beaters only exist in the older generations. Somehow, I had let myself believe young people would automatically be anti-battering. Well, shock on me!

“You think it’s ok to hit a woman?” I asked, forehead creased, in utter disbelief.

“Yeah,” he replied casually, seemingly unperturbed.

“Why?” I probed.

He lifted one shoulder in a shrug, his lips curved in a sheepish grin, “Because my culture allows it.”

“Don’t you think that’s an archaic excuse?” I asked. “Aren’t we too civilized to be citing such reasons for such out-dated practices? You know you don’t have to do, or even agree with everything your forefathers did. If something is wrong you change it. If we, as the younger generation don’t do that, then we risk perpetuating things that are basically wrong.”

“But I don’t see anything wrong with that,” he argued.

“Why do you feel it’s ok?”

“Because she’s a woman. Sometimes it is ok to hit them, just to discipline them.”

Whaaaat? I couldn’t believe I was having that conversation with someone who was roughly twenty or only slightly older. Normally that would be a conversation I would imagine having with some much older guy. “What do you mean, discipline them?”

“You know, if she does something wrong and you hit her she won’t repeat it next time.”

“That’s what you think?”


“Well, in that case, it depends with the woman in question. Because if you hit me, that would be a Pandora’s Box you’d be opening.” At that point I felt lost for words. This guy, in my opinion, was ignorant and so obstinate; he wasn’t ready to have anyone alter his perception. “You do not treat a woman like a child. Once someone reaches a certain age, they require to be accorded some respect.”

“But sometimes women are just stubborn,” he argued.

“Hypothetically, you’re married and your wife finds out you’ve been cheating on her. In anger she slaps you hard across your face. Would that be ok?”

“No!” He barked determinedly.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because it’s not acceptable for a woman to hit a man.”

“Those are double standards. If you told me it was ok, then maybe I would have also seen the wisdom in your words; that it’s ok for a man to hit a woman. But as long as you hold those double standards, I will not agree with you on the matter.”

Then it hit me, that maybe if he were to look at it from a different perspective he could see things differently.

“If, say you have a daughter, and when she’s of age she gets married to some guy. Then one day she comes and tells you, ‘daddy, my husband hit me’. How would you feel?”

“It would depend on why he beat her. If it was a valid reason I wouldn’t have a problem with it.”
At that point I knew I couldn’t argue him with him anymore. He would have to see someone he loved or cared for being beaten to understand the magnitude of the matter. “Have you ever interacted one on one with someone who has been battered?” I asked him.

“No,” he replied.

“It’s not as pleasant as you make it sound. God willing, when you have, let me know what you think.” And with that I wished them a good day and walked away.