Leap of faith

Faith is a gift; that much I’ve emphasized on previous posts. I was telling my small sister the other day, that to believe in God is like to stand on the steepest cliff, stretch arms out wide and take that deep plunge, believing He will catch you.

leap of faith
That is what faith is; putting one’s life in God’s hands. And you know what the best part is? Once you take that plunge, life gets better. Not because there won’t be problems, but because there’s that comforting thought at the back of one’s head that there’s someone greater than us looking out for you.

It’s like sleeping soundly at night because one is assured the security guards manning the compound will keep all danger at bay. That’s how it feels to believe in God. One doesn’t sleep soundly because there is no danger, but because they know there’s someone protecting them.

About two years ago I was watching this series, MIOBI (make it or break it), where Emily Kmetko (Chelsea Hobbs) wasn’t performing as good as expected. She was a talented gymnast, but each time she had to do some stunt, she just couldn’t deliver.

Her family, unlike her team mates’ was struggling financially. Their situation made it particularly difficult for her to become an elite gymnast. The problems she and her family had gone through made her so guarded, so much so that her coach, Sasha Belov (Neil Jackson) had difficulties getting through to her because she had trust issues.

One night while she was in the gym practising, her coach walked in and asked her to trust him. He understood her inability to trust him wasn’t a deliberate act of defiance, but a rampart she had erected over time to protect herself from getting hurt; because when one has been disappointed too many times before, they get to a point where they find it necessary to shield themselves from more pain.

Sasha asked Emily to let herself fall from the beam because he would catch her. He promised to catch her. As I watched her battling with her inner demons-to let go or not-I felt one required to have so much trust in someone to actually let themselves fall. She was supposed to move from not trusting him to believing he was going to catch her.

Sasha knew Emily had difficulties trusting him, but he knew if they were to continue working together successfully, she needed to trust him. He needed her to take a leap of faith. Personally, I have some trust issues too… no, not some; I have major trust issues. I have been hurt and deceived by people I really trusted and eventually, that left me too sceptical.

I understood Emily; the conflicting emotions she was going through, because I knew one has to have so much faith in someone to be able to get to a point where they just let themselves fall believing that person will catch them.

What if he wasn’t careful enough and she slipped off his hands and hit the ground hard, back first? I wondered; or what if the instant he had her in his arms, he felt she was heavier than he had anticipated and reflexively dropped her? It wouldn’t be like he dropped her willingly; it would be because of unforeseen incidents.

It was Emily trying to fight past her fear, yet there I was, questioning Sasha’s ability too. Eventually, she let go, letting herself fall from the beam and into his arms. He caught her. Following that mighty leap of faith, their relationship became stronger and she did what he asked her to, even when she wasn’t sure she wanted to do it.

She trusted him; and therefore believed he wouldn’t ask her to do anything that would hurt her, even when what he asked to do felt like a herculean task. She understood he only had her best interests at heart.

Emily’s leap of faith is a vital step someone has to take to be able to have a personal relationship with God. Sometimes what He requires us to do feels so challenging, but we need to trust He only wishes us well. He wouldn’t want us to suffer for naught.

God might require us to undertake a very challenging thing, but it is all for our good. He wants each and every one of us to have a close relation with Him; and just like Sasha, He would love it if we could take that mighty leap of faith, without any fear; believing He will catch us.

It takes so much strength to let go, but once we do it, we enjoy unlimited benefits. Even when we find ourselves going through difficult challenges, the comforting thought that He is with us makes those burdens feel lighter.

2 thoughts on “Leap of faith

  1. Looking for the Light

    Very nice post, a great reminder that God is here. We were not promised a life with no pain, many in the Bible suffered tremendous pain, including Jesus. I believe he is telling us Jesus died for our sins. We must have blind faith just like the people who lived before and after Jesus walked the earth. They were sharing the news of a new religion yet had not met Jesus. That’s faith to me. I was born a Christian, like many not in the front of my daily life at times. In 1987 I had terrible car wreck, everything was happening so fast. Then like in slow motion, I felt like God was deciding if it was my day. I was overwhelmed with the thought my life was in the balance. I hit the concrete barriers on Central Expressway multiple times and another car t-boned me going 60 miles an hour. The passenger side door was crushed and stopped maybe two inches from me. I walked away with minor injuries. I can’t say my life flashed before my eyes. I felt a bright light surrounding me in those few seconds. The wreck happened a day before Thanksgiving. I had much to be thank full for.

    1. alygeorges Post author

      I’m so glad you survived that accident because the way you describe it makes it sound like it was a pretty serious one. People say God doesn’t work miracles but that sounds like one huge miracle to me. I’m happy you’re here to share that experience.
      One may wonder how God works, and why some things happen the way they do but I realized even if we don’t understand some things we need to trust Him because He wishes us no harm. In any case He loves us unconditionally.
      I believe He wants us to get to a point where we love Him enough to trust in what He does, so we can surrender our lives to Him completely.


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