Church of Bey (Beyoncé) ???

Last night I had a difficult time picking my jaw up after it hit the floor so hard. I was watching this magazine show when I saw, what in my opinion, is the mother of all ludicrousness. Turns out, Mrs Carter, popularly known as Beyoncé, now has a church in her name. The national church of Bey -based in Atlanta- as they call it wasn’t just named in honour of the music icon, but worships her as their ‘Almighty’. To them apparently, Beyoncé Knowles is a deity. Symbols of the church are Beyonce’s images.

church of bey

First time I saw Beyoncé was when she was the lead singer of destiny’s child. Every girl my age loved their music, their outfits…everything about them. Later on she went solo and fans loved her songs even more. I can’t deny she has a beautiful voice and her songs are amazing and therefore clearly comprehend the whole notion of fans falling in love with her, dying to get her autographs, spending hard-earned money to attend her live concerts…but for me that’s where it ends; all the admiration etc.

In my opinion, this whole church idea is just ludicrous. It’s okay to idolize her; but forming a church in her honour and branding her ‘the almighty’ is just crossing the blurred line between sanity and insanity. Honestly, isn’t that blasphemy?

The Oxford dictionary defines the term ‘church’ as a building where Christians go to worship. With this definition I would term the name ‘church of Bey’ utterly inappropriate. They should coin another term for their place of worship. But worshipping Beyonce? Really People? I get the whole idea of wanting to have something/someone to believe in; but the musician is as human as you and me are. When did she become a deity?

The only thing that makes her special than the average human being is that she could possibly buy a country and still not dent her bank accounts. That means money is all that makes her special; money she’s gotten from her fans. I’m just wondering, if something went horribly wrong and she was declared bankrupt, would she still be revered as’ the almighty?’

Out of sheer curiosity, does Beyoncé know of the said church? Assuming she does, what is her opinion on the matter?

It just feels wrong that people have turned to worshipping their fellow human beings. Unless I’m missing something here, Beyoncé wields no mystical powers. She couldn’t heal a sick person or anything that required a miracle. The best she could do is offer financial aid to someone in need.

It is absolutely true, Beyoncé is a super talented musician, and she deserves our love and admiration; she has earned it, in every sense of the word; however, terming her as almighty, feels so wrong. That is love blown out of all epic proportions. I’m imagining, years from now, having the ‘church of Bey’ widespread, with faithful, devoutly serving their goddess, mother Bey, and the ‘beyble’ as their holy book…I’m not so sure what everyone feels about this, but to me, it’s wrong.


In the book of Revelations, we are told of end times and false prophets…with the way things are going, I feel we are fast-forwarding things…



32 thoughts on “Church of Bey (Beyoncé) ???

    1. alygeorges Post author

      She does exist, true but she’s not God. I don’t try to convince people God exists but I always insist, just because some people refuse to believe He exists doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist. Have you ever tried calling Him David? Try it one day. He’ll will answer you.
      Last I checked Beyonce claimed she and her husband were Christians. She was brought up a Baptist Christian. If there’s any truth to that, then she knows she will stand before The Almighty God.And she will have many questions to answer, if she doesn’t ask her crazy fans to stop calling her god/deity…

      1. alygeorges Post author

        Half of the things we know we get from the internet, so personally I can’t deny or confirm that allegation. point is we might downplay it, but some people are actually taking it seriously… and that’s just sad.

      2. alygeorges Post author

        What part is a hoax? That some crazy fans are worshipping Beyonce, or the possibility that someone killed herself?
        The whole thing might not affect me directly; however, I find it outrageous.

      3. alygeorges Post author

        You know the thing about this things we get from the internet? Some of them start off as lies/hoaxes as you call them, but they turn out to be true; because some people are actually crazy enough to try it, simply because they lack the ability to discern if what they hear/see online is true/false.
        Don’t mind me ‘taking it seriously’…if I did, I would have mentioned it in the main post. 🙂 Thanks for the clarification.

      4. alygeorges Post author

        I don’t disagree; even some Christians do some crazy things. That’s what being human entails… about the church of Bey being harmless? Let me just say, that is yet to be confirmed. If it grows into a full-blown cult, then obviously it will be harmful. It’s just in its early stages-if it actually grows into anything serious…only time will tell.

      5. alygeorges Post author

        Church of Bey is a fact…about someone taking her own life, that I can’t confirm/deny. I only hope you’re right. That no one actually killed herself.

      6. daviddouglaswaring

        There was no ambiguity in your post when you told me someone had killed herself over Beyonce. You stated it like fact. But it is a hoax. It really is best to check stories before we spread them. Otherwise it seems a little much to latch on to any story if it confirms our argument.

      7. alygeorges Post author

        Last time I looked the story up, none of those writing about it had said it was a hoax, and I don’t know the lady personally; if she actually exists to begin with. That’s why I told you I couldn’t confirm/deny it, and subsequently thanked you for the clarification. And I reiterate; if I thought it would tip the scale somehow-hopefully into convincing my readers that the whole thing about church of Bey is just preposterous, I would have mentioned it in my main post. And again, I told you the matter doesn’t really affect me directly. Problem will be for those crazy enough to do it-take their lives or others’ even if the original story was a ‘hoax’. That’s how it begins, with one simple lie.

      8. daviddouglaswaring

        I lie that people keep spreading. But at least you know now. If people are crazy enough to sacrifice themselves they’ll do it for any God/godless, including the one you hold to be real.

      9. alygeorges Post author

        Hopefully there will be people like you who counter ‘the lie’. I’m not sure if you are well acquainted with the Christian Doctrine, but if you must know, the God I serve; the One I believe to be real, doesn’t like it when people take their own lives. Only He can give/take life. Anyone who does anything contrary to that offends Him.

      10. daviddouglaswaring

        Well I think it upsets most people. But I think if I told you a story that someone had sacrificed themselves over their favourite Catholic Saint, I’m sure you’d be www quick to check my sources.

  1. Anne

    I posted pretty much the same thing on FaceBook about how too many of her fans lack the sense of perspective that would enable them to simply admire this women without reverting to juvenile hero worship. It’s bad enough that some of them go ballistic whenever anyone criticizes Beyoncé without this cult-like behavior. While it says a lot more about these fanatics than it does about her, she needs to make it clear that she appreciates the admiration but wants nothing beyond it.

    1. alygeorges Post author

      I couldn’t have said it better Anne. Personally I don’t mind fans adoring her but worshipping her is just going overboard. And in my opinion, if she really believes in God she needs to stop her fans.

  2. Melissa

    This makes me physically ill. I read an article a year or so ago about Beyoncé and JZ following the teachings of Illuminati. It was about the time of the 2013 superbowl. There is a video, from Good Fight Ministries, that outlines the many connections between the Beyonce’s masquerade and satanically originated symbols. Within the Super Bowl performance itself, the Illuminati triangle, inverted pentagram, goat head baphomet, Hindu Goddess Kali, Gemini twins, and even occult worship are all signified in specific ways. It’s makes me ill.

    1. alygeorges Post author

      Yeah, it’s very depressing. I grew up listening to her songs and this issue about her involvement with the Illuminati leaves me with very conflicting emotions. For what it’s worth, I hope she is still the Christian she claims to be.

      1. Melissa

        I highly doubt that she is. My blog post today about surrounding ourselves with Christlike people rings true here…JZ was quoted saying he believes in one god, not Christianity or Islam, but one god and no hell. I read recently that Beyonces parents are straying from the word too.

      2. alygeorges Post author

        It’s sad really. Well everyone is entitled to make their own choices. I only hope fans will learn to differentiate right from wrong so they don’t imitate everything the celebrities they idolize do.

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