Everyone’s singing naked

Is it just me or is everyone singing naked? And by everyone I mean a good majority of female artists. Last night I was watching this music show. When it started the first song that was played was Beyoncé’s partition, which is overtly sexualized. As in most of her recent releases, she was wearing well, close to nothing.


And as I watched the rest of the partition video I almost vindicated Miley. She’s a young woman. Still trying to discover who she really is and we’re in the ‘sex sells’ era. How will she not do what she’s doing, when everyone else seems to be doing the same, only that she has taken her provocative performance a notch higher?

Rihanna’s pour it up was played next. Scantily dressed and twerking, I understood why poor Miley seems to think only provocative moves will win her the numbers; gain fame. Who wouldn’t anyway? Sex is really selling. Coincidentally, Miley Cyrus’ collabo with Mike Will made it, Whizz Khalifa and Juicy J., 23 was next. In the video she’s in a red Chicago bulls’ bikini; and this is Miley we’re talking about so it’s kinda obvious what her performance entails: infamous foam finger, signature tongue move…

Lady Gaga’s applause succeeded Miley’s. Of course, this being Lady Gaga, her outfits in the song were kept to a bare minimum. Shakira and Rihanna’s duet, can’t remember to forget you came right after. The two dance seductively, grinding, with Shakira dressed in a revealing red dress and Rihanna in a black; two hot colours in their sexy video. In the video still, the two are in black body suits and high heels, lying down, caressing each other, and in a different scene they appear to cuddle while naked.

can't remember to forget you-shakira and rihanna

With all that heaping bowl of nudity, Miley’s adore you was the cherry on top. God, I miss the days when she used to wear proper clothes; when her name wasn’t synonymous with nudity, twerking, and all that ugly stuff. I didn’t watch the show long enough to know what song would be played next. I’m thinking guys appreciate that stuff, but in my case, it felt too much.

The songs took me back in time, when people used to sing clothed. Growing up I loved destiny’s child. I loved how Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle co-ordinated their outfits. And while in my teens, I enjoyed listening to Rihanna’s pon de replay and if it’s loving that you want, which were her first songs. I started losing touch when she released her good girl gone bad album, with songs like disturbia.

Lady Gaga’s the only artist from the above list I don’t remember seeing fully dressed in her music videos. After releasing let’s dance and poker face, I heard rumours that she had said she preferred being scantily dressed because her grandmother, who is partially blind, sees her better when she’s naked. I don’t know how true that is.

Then there’s the Latina goddess, Shakira. I have a huge collection of her Spanish and English songs, which I consider sexy but still decent, compared to her latest collabo with Rihanna. And Miley, where do I begin? When I first listened to the climb, I instantly fell in love with it. I watched it after watching her movie, the last song, which I didn’t find so intriguing, but the song itself reeled me in. It was/still is a very uplifting song. Who would’ve thought some years down the line she would earn herself the title, ‘the controversial singer’ because of her risqué performances?

What happened to people actually dressing up? Not in thongs, bikinis, body suits or lingerie, but actual clothes. What became of those songs one wouldn’t cringe or fight the urge to run when they’re played in the presence of one’s parents, or underage kids? It’s true that sex sells, but at this point I feel this nudity thing has been blown out of all epic proportions. Funny thing is, all these are artists I really love (d).

10 thoughts on “Everyone’s singing naked

  1. Susan Irene Fox

    I don’t get it. Oh, I know I’m old, but wow, does anyone remember how sexy Etta James was? Or the sultryness of Peggy Lee? Much of that was because these sirens were delivering the impact of the words with their voice and attitude. Now, who even knows the words? The fear is that the words or the voice won’t sell, so the body has to. It’s just sad.

  2. AZ Gringa

    Hi, Aly.

    I’ve been meaning to come by and thank you for the follow. I’m still learning the ins and outs here, and I hope you will forgive my tardiness. I’m enjoying reading your blog and getting to know you.

    I have a daughter in kindergarten, and I’m dealing with her new-found love of all things Monster High right now (I’ll be posting about that soon). We live in a society that sexualizes girls from a very young age and then that same society ostracizes girls when they act out. It seems like just another way to blame the victim, and it makes me sad.

    1. alygeorges Post author

      Better late than never, right? 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. It’s just sad to see how the society glorifies sex and nudity. Sometimes I wonder what became of the artists little girls looked up to and parents actually approved of. Looking forward to read your post. 🙂

  3. John Coleman

    Hi, Aly. I enjoyed this post. I suppose as a fifty-two-year-old guy I’m part of intended audience for all of the snake-tongue and ass grind, but I find it silly and tacky. I wonder who really enjoys these lovely women’s bodies being turned into sexual kitsch. (Side note: Miley’s tongue looks gross, like she just gargled milk of magnesia.) Anyway, I do want to say thanks for stopping by my weird blog and wish you luck with yours. Peace and best, John

  4. trishwp

    I don’t know the music of any of these singers, but I know how you feel…”how can they do that?” I think the reason is because none of the believes that she has a gift that will last. None of them believes in her voice. They prostitute themselves this way because they think they have to. Isn’t that what women who have no choice always say?

    I tend to think religiously and I’ve been thinking lately about the choice we make between God and sex, many of us choosing one way or the other. I would be surprised to hear from any of the women you mentioned about the deep and abiding relationship she has with God, about her faithful church attendance, and her understanding that whatever she may accomplish here, she will, in a sense, take it with her because we are judged by Christ on what we have done for others. Leading others into sexual immorality isn’t a good path.

    Thanks for your blog. Thanks for liking mine. Good Luck!

    1. alygeorges Post author

      One thing I believe is that they are all talented, but the minute they decide to strip on screen, they shift the emphasis from their actual talents so viewers concentrate more on their bodies. Question is, what happens when the time comes when they can’t display their nakedness? Due to old age for instance. Will that discredit them as musicians?
      We live in an era where sex and nudity seem to be the key to success, unfortunately, and this are the lessons we are imparting to the younger generation. For instance I wonder, they are all women, how will they tell their kids not to expose their nakedness to all and sundry? It’s just sad. But then again, maybe they won’t have a problem with that.
      It might sound old fashioned, but I wish we’d go back to the time when people used to sing clothed. Then parents with young kids wouldn’t have to be always on their guard, afraid of what they could bump into on TV/any media… because when all said is done, truth is it affects children. And negatively for that matter.
      Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing your thoughts on the matter. 🙂 Happy blogging.

    1. alygeorges Post author

      Yeah, everyone’s doing it. It’s the in-thing I guess; sadly. Last Saturday I was watching some songs that were released a couple of years ago and the ladies seemed to be properly dressed, yet the songs sounded way better than what we are listening to today. When the artists put too much emphasis on their looks-nudity-they compromise the quality of their songs. At the end of the day it’s the message that matters, because what happens when someone is listening to an audio? How does the fact that the singer performed while barely covered up help when one isn’t watching the video? Miley for instance, she’s only 21 and she’s displaying her assets for all and sundry to see. What happened to privates remaining just that, private?


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