Burning churches

burning church

Lately I’m seeing an abominable trend; whenever there are religious differences between people from different faiths, places of worship get torched. This has me all worried; when did it become okay for people to set ablaze places of worship as retaliation? I’m a Christian, but I’ve read about other religions; I haven’t come across any religion that teaches its people to disregard other religions; that teaches people to be impious.

Growing up, I was taught that the church is a holy zone; it’s the house of God. As I mentioned in a previous post, petty issues like talking in church were forbidden. It just came naturally; whenever I set foot in the church I was supposed to observe silence, to show respect to God. No one told me it was particularly a sin, but it felt wrong doing otherwise. That was just petty chatting; now we’re talking about people setting the same buildings on fire.

Honestly, I’ve never stepped into a Hindu temple, but I respect it as the Hindus’ place of worship; I’ve never stepped into a mosque, but I respect it as the Muslims’ place of worship; I’ve never been to a synagogue either, but I respect it as the Jews’ place of worship. I respect those places as much as I respect my own church.

One thing I know is that we can’t all be Christians; we can’t all be Muslims; we can’t all be Hindus; we can’t all be Jews… Each one of us is entitled to make their own choice; to choose the faith they want to profess. It’s impossible to force something as sensitive as faith down one’s throat. Now with that in mind, I believe we should respect other people’s choices, and strive to co-exist peacefully. We don’t all have to share a common faith to embrace peace.

God is revered as The Almighty; He can wipe out the world’s population in an instant. Nothing is impossible to Him. If He can do that, why then isn’t everyone a believer? He would have made everyone believe in Him, but He didn’t; because He respects our choices; they do come with consequences, but He respects them. He gave us free will, to make our own decisions.

In the bible, the one incident I remember seeing Jesus really angry was when He found people selling their wares in the church (Matthew 21:12). He threw them out. That makes me wonder, if He was that angry because people had turned His Father’s house into a market, into a hideout for thieves, what does He feel when He sees people burning churches up?

My two cents worth on the matter; burning up churches is unadulterated sacrilege. Anyone who sets churches on fire or destroys places of worship isn’t just waging war against mankind, but against God.

7 thoughts on “Burning churches

  1. vicbriggs

    As someone without faith, I find that I nonetheless agree wholeheartedly with your piece. I do wish people would desist from judging one another and doing violence to one another. There is such pointlessness in hatred, and so much more contentment in acceptance. But how does one persuade fanatics of this?

    1. alygeorges Post author

      I wish I knew how to persuade them, because I feel saddened when I see places that are considered Holy being demolished.
      Thanks for taking the time to read and share your thoughts on this blog. 🙂

  2. vicbriggs

    PS: With the last part of your commentary I agree, but for a different reason from the one you state. Since I am not a believer, it would be difficult for me to work through the idea of “waging war against God” into my argument. But I do believe that those buildings have been invested with hard work and meaning – and to destroy this, is to demolish something key to our humanity – it is an act of barbarism, and a denial of all that makes life more than a sequence of events.


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