Of all the dreams…

Of all the dreams I’ve had since I became aware of the person I am, there’s this dream I’ve never forgotten. I can’t remember how old I was, but I know I was small. Judging by the house we lived in at the time, I wasn’t older than nine.

I was in the living room of the same house we lived in then, when I saw Jesus standing outside, peering through the window. I was so excited. I ran to the window, trying to get out so I could get to Him, but He stopped me, and pointed at the door, which was just a few steps from the window. I ran to the door, but before I could get out I woke up…

Jesus in my life

I’ve never been too keen on interpreting dreams, but at the time I remember feeling like Jesus was trying to tell me there are no shortcuts to Heaven. If I got out through the window I would have literally landed on Him; I know He wouldn’t have let me fall, but He signaled me to use the door, which naturally meant I would have to go round before getting to Him, and maybe in the process I would have fallen, or rammed my toe into a stone…

In life there are so many times we find ourselves struggling, with illnesses, debts, we get caught up in  tragedies, which make us feel like our faith is being put to test. People who were once believers backslide; people’s faith wanes…those are some of the things we face on our quest to get to Heaven. The road to heaven is narrow and thorny and we could get discouraged at times, but if we persist we’ll get there, and He’ll be there to receive us.


2 thoughts on “Of all the dreams…

    1. alygeorges Post author

      Thanks for the compliment. 🙂 Truth is I’m really not into translating them. It tends to feel creepy at times, especially with nightmares and all…


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