Choosing Vocations: What are you called to do?

choosing vocations

A young man went to see a priest, to seek guidance because he wanted to become a lawyer. The priest asked him, “Why do you want to become a lawyer?”

The young man replied, “Because I want to be rich.”

“And after that?” the priest asked.

“Then I’ll marry a beautiful woman and start my own family.”

“After that?” the priest persisted.

“I’ll enjoy my success.”

“After that?”

“I’ll die,” the man answered.

“And after that?”

“I’ll go to heaven and meet Jesus.”

“And after that?”

The man looked at the priest confused; he had given his entire life/after life plan and he still wanted more. He went back home and reorganized his plans (this short story was told by a priest in church).

When choosing a vocation one should address two principal aspects: How does my vocation help others? And how does it relate to God? (Speaking from a Christian’s perspective).

Whatever one wants to do, they must really be so passionate about it, to an extent where they can’t explain fully why they love it. That profound ardor one has for something that they just feel it’s what they want to do; even if it meant doing it for free.

If after evaluating one’s interest they feel it helps others and still honours God, then maybe it’s the right calling. What everyone should bear in mind is that no one was put on this earth just to occupy space. We were all given a purpose to fulfill…now the million dollar question is, ‘what is that purpose?’

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