Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved pets. The first time I experienced that thrill of having a pet was when I was nine. My small sister and I had gone playing outside on a weekday, after school without my mom’s consent. Everything we did that day is so foggy, except for one bit; she and I made a very special friend. While playing earlier in the day we had bumped into a little pup. She seemed enchanted by us because she followed us wherever we went that afternoon. I can hardly  tell how old she was because honestly I’ve never stayed with dogs long enough to tell how old they are in relation to their breed and age, all I know is that she was so tiny and extremely adorable; but I doubt she was more than a month old.

See, our next door neighbour- Bette Midler’s ‘doppelgänger’ from my post titled staying in– had two big, fierce dogs. One was white and the other was black. They were locked up in their kennel all day long and would only be let out at night as letting them loose during the day proved a gargantuan menace. They would bark at visitors; growling ferociously, threatening to bite them if they didn’t skedaddle. It was excruciating to them.

The dogs didn’t vex us as such as they distinguished our scents from strangers’ but that didn’t automatically ease the situation. At night the air was saturated with their howls. I dreaded waking up from a nightmare in the dead of the night as there was that eerie silence disrupted by the excessive howls that echoed for miles. Every one of those nights felt like a full moon, with dogs from other neighbours joining in the echo… it was a canine conspiracy to torment humans.

Sometimes it was so bad, I had to cover my ears to keep their torturous barks at bay just so I could go back to sleep. It was horrid… I guess they made an indelible mark in my life as to date I dread hearing dogs bark at night. Good thing is that where I live pets of that nature are not allowed so for the moment I need not worry about being kept up by them.

It was for this reason that I developed an instant liking to this stray pup. She was warm and cuddly. We didn’t know her, she didn’t know us either, but she loved us and we loved her. She was the perfect playmate and a breath of fresh air. As the sun slowly sunk into the horizon, darkness crept in. we knew soon we would have to inevitably part ways with our ‘friend’ and that weighed heavily on our hearts.

Eventually, as we had feared, darkness fell and my sister and I found ourselves sitted on our front porch comprehending our next move. We knew the right thing was to let her go, but we didn’t know who she belonged to; she certainly didn’t belong to our next door neighbour’s dogs because they were both male. On the other hand my mom wouldn’t have let us keep her…and even if she was to allow us, how or where would we say we found her? She would know we were out playing.

We didn’t have to worry for long, as we saw one of our friends approaching from a distance. He was a pretty laid back guy who was four years my senior. He was looking for his dog’s pup. I was so relieved yet nostalgic at the same time; I didn’t want her to leave, but I couldn’t choose a better person to look after her…



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