men gossiping

Some things have become so synonymous with others-like skirts with women- that trying to interfere with the unwritten laws feels utterly wrong; but lately there seems to be some major revolution; things have taken a one eighty degrees turn from how they used to be: My maternal grams for instance, finds it unconceivable when my dad serves her tea, because she was raised in a very traditional setting, where women were supposed be submissive to men, who were deemed superior to the women; demigods of some sought. Wives were supposed to feed their husbands, run their baths… not of their own free will, but simply because that is what the society required of them.

Today, responsibilities have shifted remarkably; activities that our forefathers- literally- would have spat at have now become a norm. I’m thinking, if I were to tell my great grandpa, who exited this world long before my parents conceived-this crazy fruit of their love-me, that my dad cooks and does his laundry at times, he would spray on me whatever drink he’d be sipping at before exclaiming angrily, “what?’

I’m also imagining he would then convene the council elders for an impromptu meeting to discuss his grandson’s ‘malady’ and some possible remedies which I imagine would include dragging my old man into the forest so he can hunt down some big cat, decapitate it and subsequently have him display its head in his living room as a trophy, just to remind him that men don’t partake in petty household chores; that men should be macho, and that anything contravening that would amount to tremendous emasculation.

Personally, I delight at seeing my dad cooking… it makes me proud that he can walk into the kitchen and fix some snack; I perceive it as him trying to bring down the partition our forefathers so painstakingly erected, to divide men’s responsibilities from women’s… it fills me with hope that in the near future, simple acts as such will finally obliterate undesirable traits like male chauvinism, which undermine women dreadfully.

Irrespective of that, there are boundaries that should remain intact; gossiping for instance… that is one of the few things that should be left exclusively to women. In that regard, men should focus on perfecting their punches… not sharpening their words. Gossiping is just something that men should never be caught dead doing- ‘never’ being the operative word. From a woman’s perspective, it’s grossly unattractive.

My mind always goes blank when I find a group of refined men engrossed in a deep conversation, dissecting and analyzing a certain individual-for whatever reasons- so animatedly; high five-ing each other, using coded words and analogies so that whoever is not part of their conversation doesn’t understand what they’re saying, whispering in each other’s ears, laughing like rabid men… It is totally obnoxious! The revulsion such actions afford me wouldn’t be any different if I happened to sight two manly guys indulging in an affray, with one guy lying on his belly and the other sitted on his back pulling his hair, demanding that he apologizes for ,say, calling him names… that is so girly! They might as well go rock skirts.

Talking about other people is inevitable, and it would be ‘inhumane’ of me to discourage my brothers not to do it, but if they must, a little discretion would be in order. The infamous market women earned that term because they continually make it obvious they’ve no problem getting under people’s skin; they made it their business to callously stick their noses in other people’s affairs. I don’t know if there’s even a soul out there that’s pleased with them, but somehow we all manage to put up with them… I don’t want to imagine men being part of the scuttlebutt group. There’s just something so wrong with that picture. I guess it’s partly because they tend to overdo it… and still insist on being revered as men.

We’ve been busy breaking away from traditions which our forefathers put in place; women are now wearing pants, husbands babysit gladly… all that seems okay, but I’m thinking a guy won’t just walk into his wife’s closet and pick a skirt because his pants won’t fit or something of the sought; because it’s just wrong… if it’s not a kilt, then no freaking way.

That is what gossiping is; a skirt; reserved strictly for women. Manly men have no business giving women a run for their money on this one… it’s a no-go zone. Whoever wishes to partake in it can denounce his balls first; then there’ll be no qualms. Only then, can they wear these skirts.

23 thoughts on “MEN IN ‘SKIRTS’

  1. jowaljones

    haha! the comeuppance your grandpa would be giving to your dad! lolest!
    Men do wear skirts, literally. it has started in the US, and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the norm around here.

    1. alygeorges Post author

      Lol…chances are that he would be worse than i imagine…getting my dad to man up and all…hahaha…
      Honestly, I have no issue with drag queens or any man out there who willfully wears skirts ; i believe we’re all entitled to our own opinion-it’s their choice to make and i respect that. problem is the macho guys who don’t see anything wrong with whispering in each others ears…

  2. The Patriot

    I’m surprised at how many people cannot learn from the past. The arguments used against the idea of men wearing skirts are NO DIFFERENT than those that were used to prevent women from wearing pants 60 years ago! The idea that women should have fashion freedom but men should have a predetermined destiny of one kind or another is nothing less than sexist bigotry. If women can wear pants, then men can wear skirts! Its been many years since I stopped viewing the world in terms of black and white.

    1. alygeorges Post author

      it’s not about discriminating against the sexes…far from it. it’s more like people practicing double standards; you know like a guy trying so hard to seem macho, but at the same time indulging in something that counters that on all levels. using the word ‘skirts’ was just metaphorical; because basically they’re mainly synonymous with women…but I do appreciate your view David.
      thanks for visiting my blog.:-)

      1. The Patriot

        First of all, I would like to respond to your article’s ending, “Whoever wishes to partake in it can denounce his balls first……only then can they wear these skirts.” I will never understand why men being stay – at – home dads and doing all the housework, despite its being still somewhat taboo, is far more accepted than men wearing skirts. They are ALL the same in that they simply involve breaking down archaic male gender roles.

        IMPORTANT POINT to those women who reject a man due to his skirt (or kilt): If you had a choice between choosing a kind man in a skirt or an aggressive one who wears only pants, whom would you choose? (Just so you know, first impressions are often misleading).

        My second point is that if the general population of women REALLY want equality for BOTH sexes, one way of NOT achieving that goal is by thinking only about themselves by limiting what men can wear, while they have complete freedom to choose their attire. How ironic it is that these women are surprised that some men have come to hate the “Feminist Movement” (I use quotes because the majority of this movement are not radicals, but not many people know this because it is the SUPREMACISTS who have hijacked and control Feminism). In order for gender relations to improve, society must step into the 21st Century and allow equal opportunity for ALL. There are men out there (including myself) who will not accept the idea that one half of Western society should gain more opportunities at the expense of the other half.

        CONCLUSION: I say, hurray for stay – at – home dads, male nurses and elementary school teachers…. and mens’ fashion freedom!

  3. alygeorges Post author

    I must admit, i did enjoy reading your comment because from how you explain it, I get the impression it’s an issue you feel so strongly about. I know it will sound ironic, but I do love seeing men in kilts, and I’m not saying this to appease you or anything, but only because it’s the honest truth. notice how in this post I pointed out a few examples of things/activities that were previously restricted to a particular gender but nowadays both sexes can still do it and no one will find it odd because it’s socially acceptable?
    in this post, I still reiterate, the term ‘skirts’ was an analogy. I simply chose the term because even though we are still trying to bring down the partitions that divide men’s responsibilities from women’s and all, we still haven’t reached that point where a vast majority feel it’s ok for men to wear skirts. as much as we try to practice equality and all, that is still an issue many are yet to accept; skirts are still so synonymous with women.
    I’m thinking, if a guy walks on the streets donning a skirt, it will be controversial. I know someday it will feel normal-maybe-but we’re not there yet.
    and just like you, I take my hat off to stay-at-home dads, male nurses, elementary teachers, any guy who cooks, because there are still some men from my backyard who won’t do it because it’s a woman’s thing… and in conclusion I reiterate, this post wasn’t about feminism, discrimination of the sexes and all, it was purely about macho men gossiping. however I look at it, I feel it demeans anyone who wants to be respected as a man.
    p/s: I really appreciate your views.

  4. Intrepid

    Why is it one have of the population feels justified telling the other half what they can and can’t wear. If we turn the tables and men told women you can never wear pants again – there would be chaos! There are men who live in fear that a simple interest will be discovered – they like pretty clothes. Imagine, just about every human activity is now accepted on some level – except the clothes barrier. Are women so protective of their soft silkies, heels and skirts that they can’t share?
    Men wore tunics for much of human history – the Romans, Persians, and Egyptians conquered entire continents wearing sundresses! Then somewhere men lost the ability to wear “skirts” and we got stuck in the suit, tie, button down shirt and low quarter shoes and the same haircut you had at 6 ….. while women change styles, hair, etc 3 – 4 times a day! Equality is always defined by who has the upper hand – get over it – let people wear what they want – it is the person that is important – not the wrapping!

    1. alygeorges Post author

      honestly, I have nothing against men wearing skirts. it’s all about the basic idea that skirts are vastly associated with femininity; the fact that many people still associate them with girls. we’re living in a world where roles have become so versatile between both sexes, which is a good thing because-as I pointed out- it helps do away with demeaning traits like male chauvinism. truth is, even with everything changing, the world hasn’t quite accepted that men can wear skirts.
      When I wrote this post I tried to find something which was mainly associated with women and, skirts was it. I’m trying to be honest to myself here; dresses and skirts are a girly thing; some men wear them (and I’m not referring to kilts etc. ) and personally I respect that, but a vast majority relates them to girls. when kids draw matchstick people, they draw the girl in a skirt, because in more ways than one, it’s the one thing that still remains the universal trademark for girls. but this post wasn’t just about men wearing skirts physically, it’s about the things-behavioural wise- manly men do that ‘compromise’ their macho status.
      in respect to dressing and all, I do agree with you, it’s the person that’s important , not the wrapping.

  5. DAChecker

    In which kinda dirty hole are skirts synonymous with women? North Korea? About 60% of the male population worldwide wears a skirt like garment.

    1. alygeorges Post author

      I realize somehow, to some people the comparison didn’t come out the way I intended for it to. I wouldn’t be able to sum up the men I know who wear ‘skirt like garments’. they are many, and I respect all of them because we are all allowed to make our own choices; to some of us, it’s not a matter of choice, but something imposed by our cultures and again i reiterate, i respect that; but the basic point is, I was trying to relate something that’s associated mainly with girls; but thing is, with the way things are currently, it’s somewhat difficult to pick one particular thing. everything has changed-anyone can do?wear anything . that’s why i picked a skirt. but just to ease your mind (because the last thing on my mind when i wrote this post was trying to discriminate against any one-God forbid) just picture men gossiping; pretty uncool, that’s what this post was all about. I know guys who really hate it when girls start whispering in each other’s ears, high-fiving, so forgive me if I find it unattractive when guys do the same.

  6. Mara

    Alygeorges, please go a little back in history and you’ll find that skirts never were a girls or women’s garment until 250 years ago. The skirt in fact is a male garment until women took over it because they want to be more masculine and not just wearing long dresses. On the other hand, round about 50% of the world’s male population still wearing skirted garments because of their tradition, health and comfort.
    I am not going for discrimination of one of the sexes at all, but I remember one sentence spoken by a royal (feminine) member in 2005: “The true emancipation will take place when men wearing skirts, again”.

    1. alygeorges Post author

      Thank you Mara for your insightful comment. I really was basing my argument on current times because I know men who would be appalled by the mere thought of donning a skirt simply because they consider it a woman’s garment. And just to be a little bit precise, I had skirts made precisely for women in mind when i wrote this piece. I was aware of the fact that some men do actually wear skirts, kilts for instance and maybe i’m a tad bit biased because I find them attractive; maybe it’s because at the back of my head I know they were particularly meant to be worn by men. In regards to this post, I had feminine skirts in mind: pencil skirts, circle skirts, bubble skirts…you know a garment which screams, ‘woman’… not just any skirt-like garment. I believe in all honesty, there’s a good percentage of men who would seriously feel offended if they were asked to put on a skirt. that’s the angle I looked at it from.

  7. Mara

    Alygeorges, thank you for your explanation. Yes, it makes sense that men shouldn’t wear “women’s” skirts because those are designed for female anatomy. Well, looking to the new spot in New York Times Fashion Magazine written under “Men’s fashion is now new women’s wear” let me think that we have to broaden our mind in the opposite direction, too. A lot of women try to be “masculine” with style, behavior and language, and sometimes I am missing the “REAL” girls and women which had the ability to be a little bit more gender- (and sex} specific and were more attractive.
    So, if we give women any kind of “free hand” to dress and act like they want, we have to do the same with all men.
    Since all men’s wardrobe can be worn by females so we have to give men the equal possibility – without a blinking eye. I believe, that some men women-style clothes but I doubt that a lot of men will do it. Wearing skirts should be not the problem for men, but the men are the problem because they really don’t know what they want to do. To deep in their mind is the “anchor” that men have to wear bi-furcated garments – which doen’t make any sense for their special anatomy. Looking at that point, all men should wear skirted garments.

    1. alygeorges Post author

      honestly speaking, I love your comment 🙂
      Personally, I have no issues with men wearing skirts. In all fairness, I feel if we wear pants, men should also be allowed to rock women’s-wear; but question is, how many would be thrilled at the prospect? Like you’ve said, men are the problem. That’s the point I was trying to put across. They (most of them), wouldn’t be caught dead in skirts, but they’ve no problem doing stuff that otherwise ’emasculates’ (for lack of a better word) them; gossiping for instance…there’s absolutely nothing masculine about it. On matters dressing though, if anyone wants to don skirts, I believe there are enough to go around. but when all’s said and done, everyone has a right to pick what they want to wear, and I respect that, because it’s not the clothes that matter, but the person in them.
      Thanks for visiting my blog Mara, and for taking the time to share your thoughts. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  8. Mara

    Alygeorges, I appreciate your comment, too. I think you got the point(s). Yes, a lot of men don’t want be caught dead in a skirt. Men who telling this should never wear a skirt because they just don’t have the confidence, they are not encouraged and brave enough, they are a member of the mass, that means also there is no individuality visible.
    While I am writing that I saw my neighbor walking by again, wearing one of his skirts in dark blue – I don’t know what kind of style they call it, it isn’t a kilt but plated and has pockets, must be a men’s styled item, with a yellow golf shirt. He looks just great in it, because he know exactly how to move on in a skirt.
    Thanks to you too that you answer all the comments which were posted, that is just great. And reading all your answer I also see a slight positive change in your mind, and that make you even more great.

  9. Pebbles

    If only people would realize you are talking about the behaviour (gossiping) and not the clothing (skirt) … 😦 Truth be told, gossiping is not a skirt even the women should wear. Wonderful post, alygeorges.

    1. alygeorges Post author

      I used the term ‘skirt’ as an analogy because the first thing that came to mind was the conversations girls/women have in bathrooms and stuff. I agree with you, even girls shouldn’t do it. There are more than enough men who find it irritating when girls gossip; and truth is, it’s even more irritating and unattractive when guys (who claim to be macho) do it because it demeans them. when I wrote this post there was this question at the back of my head, ‘if guys(most of them) can’t wear skirts willingly, because they think it sought of ’emasculates’ them, why then would they go and take part in something that naturally emasculates them?’ in my opinion, it wouldn’t make any difference if the same guys put on skirts because the effect would be the same.
      thank you for taking the time to read and comment. it’s really good to know that you did see the point I was trying to put across; this post was really not about the actual clothing, but the idea of men gossiping. 🙂

  10. Yvonne's Musings

    Believe it or not there is a roofer (yes, a guy who nails shingles on roofs) in the town of Mount Brydges, Ontario, ten miles from where I live, who wears a brown suede skirt, that remotely resembles a kilt but without the tartan, just lots of pockets. He says it keeps him cool and isn’t binding when he squats. He has plenty of customers! Obviously, as he is well over six foot and a macho looking guy, many of them are women.
    . .

    1. alygeorges Post author

      A roofer in a skirt? nice…I was wondering though, isn’t it too revealing? you know, with squatting and all? but then again…interesting 🙂
      thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂


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