tearsWe live, get on with our business; sowing seeds of discord, love… and so many a times, we take the adage, ‘the truth will always come to light’, for granted… so we build on lies,  empires which come crumbling down sooner or later, the instant one transits to the other world…  That’s when the truth starts coming out, bit by bit. Babies that were sired outside wedlock surface one after the other, and when this happens jaws hit the ground as people try to comprehend how a dignified person could stray out of their matrimonial home to go sow seeds on forbidden ground; truths about a family sinking in massive debts that were carefully concealed come out in the open; I dare not judge though, because it’s only common knowledge that human is to err.

We often fail to realize it, but the truth will always- no matter how hard we try to suppress it- manoeuvre its way past all the barricades of lies we erect, to the light. I always liken the truth to the sun; it doesn’t matter how many layers of shade one gets beneath, because when it decides to shine, it will shine… and blistering it will be!

The slight mention of the word ‘truth’, sends shivers down spines I know, ask me; the skeletons are just one too many. Numerous are the closet doors, whose hinges are slowly collapsing against the weighty push of this ‘bones’. In my family for instance, not even walk in closets can contain the truths being hidden; I watch sadly as lies are piled on lies, and in the secret depths of my heart, I wonder what will happen when the ‘day’ comes, when the first lie falls out, then the other….and another, until the last one of them has been revealed. I know what will happen- an inkling at least; tears will flow, but not even oceans will be enough to wash the pain and betrayal away. I can’t start blurting it out now though, lest I’m ostracized from the family…

So I –like everyone else- will wait for nature to take its course, for the truths to be revealed in death… it sounds morbid I know, but we all know that’s how it happens.

Don’t fret though, because not all truths are bad. Sometimes when listening to speakers in requiem masses/services, I get to hear things aplenty about the departed; truths that were not revealed when they were alive. We’re made privy of the humanitarian work they took part in out of the goodness of their hearts and didn’t see the need to publicize.

We are with God’s guidance- if we let Him- engineers of our own destiny. We have the power to choose what truths we want revealed when the curtains finally come down. When all is said and done, we’ll be held accountable for every little thing we did.

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