praying angelsome people find praying difficult. This might sound utterly ludicrous to others because they think it’s the easiest thing; but it does happen in real sense, especially when one isn’t sure how to do it. so here are a few tips on how to pray:

Step 1: Set/identify a precise moment for praying. i.e. plan to pray in advance; don’t just wait to do it randomly because you might get derailed when some interesting activity beckons unexpectedly; think movie…

Step 2: Allot time for praying- the amount of time you intend to spend, e.g 15mins, 30mins, etc.

Step 3: Decide what you want to do at that time, i.e. whether you will be telling your thoughts to God (personal prayer) or reading some verses from the bible.

Step 4: Before praying, when you get down to it, invoke the Holy Spirit; call on Him. Ask Him to help you pray, that you may be able to express yourself well.

Step 5: When praying, there could be interruptions, e.g people walking in and out of the room you’re in. Don’t get distracted, just pray for them, or whatever it is that you might find disturbing.

Step 6: During prayer, anxious thoughts arise, pray for them too.

Step 7: When you’re done praying, don’t wait for results immediately, because God acts in time. This will help curb expectations that could dampen one’s faith if the prayer isn’t fulfilled shortly after.

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